My name is Christie Bailey.


My passion in life is to empower others to live healthier, happier lives by teaching them about their bodies, about fitness, about nutrition and mental well being! We are so much more than just a physique, and my coaching encompasses all of that.

However, I didn't always know what I know now. And there was a time where I was very unhappy with my body and the way I looked.

My junior year in college was the turning point. I was upset about my weight and upset about the divorce my parents were going through. I needed an outlet. My dad gave me a book about weightlifting and nutrition for women - and after reading it, I was hooked.

I had no idea that weightlifting could give me the body I really wanted (sexy and fit!) and that nutrition could actually be done in a healthy and sustainable way!

I began trying out exercises in my small home gym, but soon found out I was moving to Germany. I knew I needed to find a real gym there, but I was intimidated to work out in front of other people, let alone in an unfamiliar country where I didn't speak the language! played a big role in my fitness journey. I would look up every exercise in their exercise video database before I went out and did them on the floor! Little by little, I gained confidence and realized how empowering fitness really was.

Fast forward two years and I began competing in the NPC in bikini competitions. It had been a dream of mine for a long time - and I ended up doing very well! By my third show, and my first national show, I had won my IFBB Pro Card (May of 2016 at Jr. USAs).

By this time, I knew that I wanted a career in the fitness industry, and that I was very unhappy in my corporate job. It took me a few months to muster up the courage, but  I eventually quit and committed to building a business of my very own whose sole mission was to lift up, inspire, and educate other people on how to change their bodies and their lives. From here, Christie Bailey Fitness was born!

I'm proud to say today that shortly after forming my business and quitting my job, I also became a part of Team - where I get to be a part of another company who (quite literally, from my own experience!) changes lives! 

Whether you decide to work with me, or follow me on social media, I hope to inspire and motivate you to take a risk, invest in yourself, and to grow both mentally and physically. There is so much to learn and so much room to grow if we open ourselves up to new ideas, and new ways of living!

Get healthy, get fit, and become the best version of yourself.