Your Guide to Bikini Competition Heels

If you've ever seen a bikini competitor, you might have noticed that she's strapping on a pair of clear, stripper-like heels. And you might have wondered, why!?

Well first off, a good heel will elongate the leg and showcase muscle definition in the legs and glutes, which is what we want as competitors. Secondly, the clear heel helps keep all of the attention focused on the physique and overall presentation of the athlete (rather than the hot pink stilettos that you could have worn.)

Okay, great. So we know why clear heels are pretty much the standard. Now, what style do we choose and where do we get them?

Heel Styles

The first type is a mule-style heel. A lot of competitors prefer these because they are easy to slip on backstage, and you don't have to bend down and fuss with an ankle strap. Some also think that this provides a more streamlined look because there is no strap, but honestly, that is just kind of nit-picky. A lot of top level Olympians wear heels with ankle straps too so either way you'll be fine.

The next style is a heel with an ankle strap. Pretty self-explanatory. I actually prefer these myself because it just gives me peace of mind that my shoe won't come flying off onstage, and I just feel more steady in them. 

Ultimately, the style isn't a make-or-break - it's really your preference. Whatever you are most comfortable walking in is the right style for you.

Bling or no bling?

You may have also seen competitors with completely blinged-out heels. You probably remember seeing these heels because you were like, "whoa, that's a lot!" Whether you thought that it looked good or not, you had an instant reaction that took your attention away from the competitor and their physique, and focused it on their shoes.

Bikini competitions are not about shoes.

Judges have said again and again that if it's distracting them from the physique (whether that's blingy shoes, a tiara, too much jewelry, etc.), then don't do it.

In bikini, less is more. 

If you absolutely have to have bling, a small line of stones down the back of the heel that isn't too noticeable would probably be fine. But then again, why risk it?

How tall should my heels be?

Generally I recommend between 4 1/2 to 5 inches, depending on the competitor. Again, this a personal comfort decision. If the 1/2 inch makes a huge difference for you, and you can walk better in 4 1/2 inches, then do it! Being slightly shorter onstage is preferable to falling over, don't ya think? 

I personally started out with 4 1/2 inches because I was more comfortable with this as a beginning competitor, and then moved up to 5 inches once I had my posing down. Because I have shorter legs, I do think that the extra 1/2 inch helps showcase my physique in a more balanced manner.

Other heel selection tips:

- When in doubt order a half size smaller, the plastic stretches out. However, if it stretches out too much, you can use a hair dryer to shrink it again.

- Try ordering two pairs, with a strap and without, to see what you're most comfortable in and return the ones you don't use.

- Ordering a pair with a platform toe can help relieve some of the pressure of walking in high heels if you're not used to it.

- Some heels come with padding on the insole. This may or may not be for you. I had a pair once with the padding, and found that they were actually throwing off my balance (I'm very flat footed). 

Where can I buy competition heels?

These heels can be purchased SUPER cheaply off of Amazon. It's where I get all my heels, and they're usually about $30-40. To help make it easier on you guys, I've created a list of links to the heels that I personally would recommend based off of what I've tried. Below you'll find heels from 4 1/2 - 5 inches in both styles (disregard the ones that have black, there are other color options once you get to the page!)

So there you have it! The sooner you grab your competition heels and start practicing and getting used to them, the better off you'll be onstage. Go on now and get started! :) And, if you choose to purchase your heels through any of the links above, you'll be directly supporting me through the Amazon Affiliates program! <3

Comment below with any further questions, comments, or love!