How to Get Your Ass to the Gym (In 5 Seconds Or Less)

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When You Just Aren't Feeling it...

It's Sunday. I'm being lazy - enjoying the first actual non-humid summer morning drinking coffee with my boyfriend and lounging around with our dogs. As the coffee starts to kick in and make me more of a human, my mind starts racing with all of the things on my to do list. 

"I need to call this client back."

"I need to put that proposal together."

"I need to meal prep for the week."

"I need to finish the outline for my new group course."

"I need to return those totally unnecessary sneakers that I purchased before I change my mind or forget about them."


Boyfriend: "So are we gonna go to the gym?"

Me: "Um.... I don't know... I have a lot to do."

Me in my head: "Get your goddamn ass to the gym Christie!"

And so I stopped thinking. Put on my shoes. Walked out the door. Ended up having a badass workout with some heavy deadlifts that left me feeling accomplished, strong, and motivated. So how did I convince myself to do that? When I was having the laziest fucking morning ever? Lol… well.


Use The Five Second Rule

I've been listening to Mel Robbin's book "The Five Second Rule" on Audible and her main point can pretty much be summed up like this;

You will never, ever freakin feel like doing something you know you should. Because change is uncomfortable and as humans we naturally seek the path of least resistance. In a matter of five seconds your mind will convince you out of taking action on your impulse. The impulse that leads you towards making progress on your greater, more ‘uncomfortable’ goal.

So my mind this morning? Here’s what it was saying: "You're too tired to gym. You have so much work to do. You're wasting time you could spend working. You’re sore." Blah blah blah.

Instead? Before I could count to five, I just put my damn sneakers on and walked out the door. Didn’t feel like it. Didn’t want to. But I’ve learned, thanks to Mel, that I never will feel like it. The difference between greatness and mediocrity is being able to take little actions on the things that seem SO insignificant, but that add up over time.

Here's the thing... you have to take ACTION - without thinking about how you feel. And taking action while ignoring those screaming thoughts in your head takes time - it requires developing it into a habit.

And developing this habit of action has been responsible for anything I've achieved in life.

From winning my IFBB Pro Card. To winning the Spokesmodel Search. To quitting my boring as hell misery inducing 9-5 job. To starting my own fitness coaching business. 

I didn't want to do any of those things. I didn't want to severely diet and get onstage in practically a thong bikini. I didn't want to put myself out there on social media for the whole world to see so I could potentially face losing something I so badly wanted (the Spokesmodel Search). I didn't want to face the idea of how HORRIBLY scary it would be to quit my job. I didn't want to do the work it took to start a business (I had no freaking clue how, btw.)

But I just decided to DO. IT. And figure out the how later.


So next time your brain starts to convince you out of what you know what you should do? 

Count down from five. Get those sneakers on. Walk out the fucking door before anyone or anything (especially yourself) can convince you otherwise. 

Do what needs to be done. Apply this rule to literally ANYTHING in your life - whether it's fitness or your business or your relationships. Just do the damn thing you know you should do and stop giving yourself time to talk yourself out of it!


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