All About Bikini Competition Jewelry

Competition Jewelry

Your stage jewelry typically includes 1-2 bracelets, a ring, and earrings. Again, the saying applies: less is more. Anything that is over the top or that is too distracting is a definite no-go.

Jewelry should be crystal-looking/rhinestone with a silver base, and you’ll see either AB (aurora borealis) or regular stones. AB stones have a more purple-blue tint to them.

When selecting your bracelets/rings, make sure that there isn't a clasp or anything that might risk catching your hair while you are onstage. Additionally, keep the bracelets and rings to 1-2 minimum. If going with two bracelets I'd recommend a smaller one on one arm (arm where you put your ring) and a thicker bracelet on the other.

Below you’ll see one of my stage photos as an example:

bikini competition jewelry

Please under no circumstance wear a tiara. Or a body chain. Or anklets.

Simple. Is. Best.

Judges will absolutely knock you down if your jewelry is too distracting!


Where to Purchase Competition Jewelry

There are several companies who specialize in competition jewelry, but you can just as easily find some on Amazon. I’ll list links below to each so you can find what works best with your style and budget.

All That Glitters Gems

Glam Competition Jewelry


So there you have it! Now go be blingy, fabulous, and gorgeous onstage! 

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