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You’ve been doing this fitness thing for awhile now, and you’ve tried just about every 8-week challenge, workout or diet program, or coach under the sun. But the diet and training plans never really seemed right for you.. In fact, you’d rather poke your eyeball out with a pencil than eat one more meal of chicken sweet potato and broccoli.



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  1. You love food (you need cookies and brownies and chocolate hello?!??!) and you just can’t seem to stay on track with a meal plan or macros no matter how hard you try.
  2. When it comes to fitness, you’re riding the mental strug bus. HARD. You lack self-control, are constantly comparing yourself to others on social media, and are super impatient with seeing results.
  3. When you struggle mentally and mess up, you figure why bother staying on track - and end up binging or emotional eating - only leading to more feelings of guilt and shame that eat away at your self confidence.
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I’ve been through the LOWEST of lows, and the HIGHEST of highs.

From becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro to barely being able to walk onto a beach in a bikini without cringing six months later - I KNOW the struggle of balancing your love for food with wanting to just look really freaking good naked.

And even worse? The mental battles of just wanting to feel good enough in your own skin, and to find balance in a fit lifestyle instead of being forced to extremes.


So, what did I do?


Well, because I didn’t know how to get out of those lows without help, I would hire a coach, do a challenge, or compete in bikini competitions.

In my mind - this would force me to get my sh*t together and lose the weight, which would obviously mean I was happy and confident again, right?



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  • Every time you do one of these challenges or diets or coaching programs, you never actually learn how to do it on your own. Which means that as soon as it’s over, you fall off the bandwagon once again because you aren’t sure how to continue on your own (aka weight loss rollercoaster).
  • Even if you were to create your own programs, you don’t know how to make a diet not suck and training not boring.
  • You’re not addressing the mental struggles that have been holding you back and you have no support + no idea where to start with that.  (Hello, self-doubt, guilt, anxiety, emotional eating, overwhelm, Instagram comparisionitis!)
  • Your friends and fam don’t get it - you just wish you had a support system to help keep you accountable to your goals instead of being peer pressured at every freaking work happy hour or family barbecue.
  • You lack confidence in yourself - you just want to look nice in cute clothes and walk into a room feeling like the badass b*tch you know you are - but instead you’re tugging at your shirt to cover your belly and feel super uncomfortable. Not fun.
  • You want to truly figure out what it means to love yourself, and your body in all it’s stages .. and achieve this mythical notion of #balance that you see all over IG. (Hint - those shredded IG fitspos don’t actually have it - they just want you to think they do.)
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So what’s a girl to do to get the body of her dreams and the confidence she needs to just LIVE an awesome fricken life?


Well, I can tell you from my own experience, when you have no real direction or knowledge of how to make a plan or program for yourself - your choices are either:


A) Continue to be “stuck” in that dark hole - both physically and mentally -  not knowing what to do to move forward to achieve that body and confidence that you so badly want.


B) Keep hiring expensive coaches to make a plan for you every time you wanna lose weight and get fit. Coaches who, TBH don’t really care about you, and who depend on you being dependent on them for their income. (The more you need them to do it for you, the more money they earn and money you lose.)


Neither of those sound good? Didn’t think so.



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This is 6 weeks of FOCUSED, STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE on how to create, adjust and actually follow training and nutrition programs that DON'T SUCK.


You'll walk confidently out of this intensive course with:

  • A completed nutrition and training plan designed for RESULTS
  • Knowledge of how and when to adjust your programs to adapt as life sh*t comes up (aka you wanna go on vacation or go to HH with your girls? No prob. I’ll teach you to fit it in.)
  • Easy-to-follow templates to guide you in creating new, customized programs for yourself anytime you like (which is great if you have new fitness goals)
  • A personalized accountability plan - AKA learn how to follow your programs. We’re going to deconstruct all of your individual struggles that held you back from making progress before and make sure you have an established plan to get past them.
  • Clarity and direction with your fitness goals (we’ll set you up with achievable, motivating goals that support your overall lifestyle).
  • A community of like-minded, driven women via our course Facebook group to support you in your goals.





Before we start this journey together - I wanna get to know ya! This will help me best customize your learning time with me. You’ll be filling out a questionnaire with your fitness history, your biggest struggles, what your goals are, and any other pertinent info that you’d like me to consider.


Week 1: Fitness Foundations - Goal Setting and Accountability

Let’s clarify what your fitness goals are and identify what roadblocks have prevented you from achieving them in the past - so that we can create a plan of action for helping you stay accountable this time around.



  • Why having the wrong goals can be the #1 thing that leads to failure - and what to do about it.
  • How to set attainable physical + mindset goals that complement each other (aka having the most shredded abs in the world probably isn’t going to help you with self love if you have a body image struggle.)
  • How to implement goal setting success strategies that will keep you focused, on track, and motivated when times get tough and you just don’t freakin feel like it.
  • How to identify your mental roadblocks when it comes to fat loss and fitness, and create personalized strategies for moving past them that work.

Week 2: Creating Your Nutrition Program

Let’s build you a diet plan that you don’t wanna throw out the goddamn window.



  • How and what to eat for your goals - so you can stop the eating guessing game.
  • The different dieting style options, and which one will work best for you so that you actually enjoy dieting.
  • How to create a customized diet plan for your goals, based on your likes and preferences (cause when you eat things you actually like, you’re 934857x more likely to follow a plan).
  • How to adjust your nutrition plan as time passes and life sh*t comes up for continued progress (cause let's be real ladies you can’t avoid eating out forever and you need to know how to fit that in).


Week 3: Creating Your Training Program

Let’s build the body of your dreams - healthy, strong, and sexy AF ;)



  • How to create a strength training program that not only builds lean muscle, but that empowers and excites you - so that you are actually motivated to go to the gym
  • How to customize your program to work on specific body parts, including sets and reps - so you’ll be confident that you’re doing what you need to do - to get the body that you want.
  • Why you don’t have to do endless cardio to see results - and learn how much is enough so you’re not slaving away on the treadmill all day


Week 4 : How to Adjust Your Programs

Time to learn how to adjust your programs as needed to ensure continued progress.



  • How to adjust your nutrition plan
  • How to adjust your program to fit in social eating out/drinking events
  • How to adjust your training and cardio to ensure progress (and if you just get bored with your workouts)

Weeks 5- 6: Implementation Weeks

Now we’ll put the programs you created to the test and work out any kinks.



  • Be implementing your nutrition plan and training plan in real time, with my feedback to ensure you’re learning how to adjust your programs correctly/if needed. You’ll continue to use the accountability strategies you learned in week one to stay on track and focused, eventually, making your program part of your life and routine.
  • Work through any struggles or blocks you’re facing with me on a weekly live Q&A support call - so that you can finish this course confidently, with your own fitness program in hand, ready to start working towards the body of your dreams



  • Weekly video calls from 7PM-8PM EST where I’ll be teaching the material to you live - and full video recordings available afterwards if you can’t make the call! These calls are where you’ll connect with me and gain support from a group of girls with similar interests, all trying to learn the same thing.
  • Weekly assignments to solidify your learning of the material, and my review and feedback of your work to make sure the programs you create are where they need to be.
  • One 30 minute one on one call with me to talk through any specific part of the course you’re struggling with.
  • Access to me via Voxer (walkie talkie app) whenever you have questions that come up as you’re working on your programs.
  • A group Facebook page where you’ll meet and connect with other like-minded women for support and as an additional outlet for questions.
  • Lifetime access to the learning material: every time you’d like to create a new training or nutrition program for yourself in the future, all you have to do is go back and work through the lessons again!

ROUND TWO: $698.00


  • Think about it. Continue spending $200 a month on coaching or challenges (and let's say you do that for 3 months), that's $600. And you still haven't learned what to do on your own - so you'll continue having to pay each month for results or lose all your progress.
  • How about: let's teach you how to get the results on your own, with confidence, FOR GOOD. Yes? :)


So, let's see if you're a fit for this program!

I need to make sure you've got a baseline level of fitness knowledge (don't worry nothing crazy!) and are ready to commit to the program - because oooh boy are you gonna learn a thing or two!




“I have a pretty busy schedule.. I’m not sure if I have time - what’s the time commitment going to be like for this course?”

The time commitment will be 2-3 hours a week minimum for the first 4 weeks where you’re learning the modules. This includes our live video lessons on Sundays at 7PM-8PM EST and homework completion time, plus doing your revisions of your programs based off of my feedback.

What if I can't make the live calls? Should I still sign up for the course?

All live calls will be recorded and available to you in our course Google Drive Folder for you to access and view at anytime, so you do not have to make the live calls if you have other obligations. Additionally, if you can't participate in the calls, you'll still get a ton of value - as I'll be available via Voxer for you to ask questions or talk through any concerns privately. 
Please also keep in mind that you do not by any means have to go the same pace as the course - I understand that things get busy - and if you fall behind on assignments I will still review and give feedback on them as you complete them!

“What if I already tried doing my own programs before but couldn’t follow through? How will this be different?”

While other coaches/challenges simply give you a program to follow - I will be teaching and showing you how to make your programs. You will be the one creating them with my feedback, guidance, and help every step of the way to ensure accuracy and results once you begin to follow it. By taking responsibility for your own fitness plans, and actually learning how to do it as well as why your program was built the way it was, your accountability levels are much, much higher than if someone was to simply give you something cookie cutter that you didn’t understand.

“That’s a lot of money for something I could go learn online. Why should I pay for this?”

Is this an investment in yourself and your health? Of course. But creating your own programs and becoming your own coach is a skill set that will allow you to stop spending $150-300 each month on coaching, challenges, and other temporary programs that don't actually show you how to do it on your own. Totally worth the $8.30 you'll be spending per day on Fit for Life, if you ask me.

I've also thoughtfully tailored the course leave out all the complicated, unnecessary sh*t you don’t need to know - so you can actually focus on making a plan that gets results. Information overload can be a huge reason you aren't able to more forward with your fitness goals. You'll also have confidence that the plans you create are accurate and effective, instead of simply guessing - because I'll be reviewing your programs every step of the way.
Furthermore, we’re going to focus on the one thing that online guides and articles don’t focus on - and that’s how to identify and overcome your personal roadblocks [aka all those little mental things that held you back from actually following through on your plans before.]

"I feel like I can't afford this right now, is there a way to make this work with my budget?"

Yes, I can offer you a payment installment plan with three payments of $125. In order to save your spot for this first round, you'll need to make your first payment as soon as possible before it fills up. After you apply, email me directly and let me know you'd like to do a payment plan and we'll get you set up!

I’m not really sure a group course is for me - I’m not comfortable sharing in front of others. Is there a way to make it more private?

While there will be Q&A during our live calls, and I may call on some of you at certain points - if you are at all uncomfortable let me know ahead of time and I’ll avoid calling on you! You can ask your questions or share your concerns privately via the Voxer app at a later time. However, I highly encourage you to share as the group element is one of the most valuable points of the program - you'll benefit from others' experiences and struggles, building each other up through what you've learned.

What if I want more one-on-one time with you?

You have the option to book additional one on one calls other than the 30 minute call included in the package. Please email me separately to book these.

I feel like six weeks isn’t really enough time to get accustomed to adjusting my own programs and making sure I’m staying accountable on my own.. Is there a way to extend the course?

At the end of the course, if you feel like you need more time with me, I will be offering an extension at a discounted rate if you would like my continued eyes and feedback on your progress with your program and your self-adjustments to ensure you are doing them correctly.

What will the training plan look like?

I will be showing you how to create a weight-training based plan based around core, compound lifts (it’s okay if you don’t know what those are yet!). You’ll learn how to customize your training plan to work on specific problem areas and to add in things you enjoy for cardio (aka I’ll show you how you don’t need to slave away on the treadmill for hours to get results). You’ll also learn how many sets and reps you need for each exercise, and how to add in other active exercise such as yoga, rock climbing, etc.

What will the nutrition plan look like?

You’ll be creating either a macro/IIFYM based plan, a meal plan, or an intuitive eating plan - and I will be guiding you on which type of diet plan is the best fit for you, as well as showing you how to customize your diet plan to meet your individual requirements and body type, and how to adjust your nutrition plan as your goals change (i.e. fat loss or muscle building).

What will the accountability plan look like?

I will be teaching you a variety of accountability techniques that you can use to overcome your specific struggles (for example, emotional eating), and you will be formulating these techniques into a plan (much like the way you’d create a training plan). You will implement these techniques each week as you face these accountability struggles, checking in with yourself on your progress with them just like you check in on your training progress, weight loss, and so on. Mental fitness needs to happen before physical fitness can happen and remain consistent, so this is a priority for us in this program.

Will this teach me how to make programs for other people too?

Yes. You can use the programming templates I give you to create nutrition and training programs for others as well - which is a key skill if you're eventually thinking of becoming a coach for others. Additionally, the accountability and goal setting strategies you learn are HUGE when it comes to coaching - so all around the course will be a great value add for your own fitness journey as well as if you'd like to pursue a career in the fitness world one day.

What is the refund policy?

A full refund is guaranteed, no questions asked, within the first week of the course start date. If at the end of one week you decide it is not for you - totally okay! We aren't all meant for each other. ;) BUT - I am highly, highly confident that you are going to love this course.


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