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I'm Christie Bailey.

I'm an online business and success coach for driven as fuck, 1%,  women who want it all, and want it now.


I'm on a mission to make online business easy.

So that you can have more freedom, more time, more money,
and a life that you can't WAIT to wake up to everyday.


It's time to stop letting your fears of starting paralyse you.


It's time to get paid what you're worth (and actually make enough to pay your bills).


And it's time to start making an impact, doing what you love.


The Find Your Fearless Podcast

Find Your Fearless is a podcast for anyone looking to use their fear as fuel, to build the most AMAZING lives and businesses that they possibly can.

Each episode is designed to help you conquer your fears by taking action on the most important strategies to move your life and business forward, plus a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration.

So if you’re ready to crush your fears, take action now, and design a business and lifestyle around your life's passion - go on and check out the latest episode


For more fear-busting, actionable business advice, check out my latest posts!