The Secret to Six-Figures: Not Giving A Fuck (and Just Having Fun)

The Secret to Six Figures.png

Two months ago, I was OBSESSED with the idea of hitting “six figures” by December.


Like literally, I had written a check out to myself for 100k and put it on my vision board, lol.


And I was stressing about it, big time.


When I think back to why I even gave a shit.. honestly.. it was all about my old corporate job.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could be “more successful” in my own business than I had been there. 


Apparently, back then, my version of “success” was a six digit number.

Like seriously, I was basing my entire self worth off of of this. Lmfao.


Okay so.. first let’s back up. To the Corporate Christie. Circa 2015 - 2016.


She’d worked her ass off to get this high powered, corporate sales job at a Fortune 50 IT company. Beat out 12,000 people for it (that reallyyyyy boosted her ego). Went through sales training and won awards for top performer. The usual shit that happens to a driven as fuck high achiever.


And she was miserable.


Because as it turns out.. corporate America.. especially in SALES.. is obsessed. with. numbers.


Didn’t hit your sales number?




Too far behind on your quota?


You’re worse than dirt.


Didn’t get the meeting with the prospect?


Go fuck yourself.


Ok it wasn’t that extreme, but it felt like it. Lol.


Is it any wonder that I had developed this insane belief that my self worth depend ended on me hitting a number?


The number was my existence back then. It meant that I could feel good about myself if I hit it. And it meant that I would be socially shunned in the workplace if I didn’t, and possibly lose my job.


The thing about it was.. I fucking hated every second of that job. I hated the people there who tried to make me feel so small for hitting a number. I felt the LITERAL SOUL being sucked out of me a little more each day.. as I gave up more and more of myself, and my self-worth.


So I suppose it make sense. 

That I had an obsession with hitting “six figures.”


I wanted to PROVE to “everyone” at my old corporate job that not only could I replace my corporate salary of 78k one year after quitting.. but that I could surpass the fuck out of it.


Because then.. I’d finally feel good about my decision to leave my 9-5. Which literally had happened a year ago. You’d think that I’d feel good about it by that point, but no. Because I still gave fucks about my dad’s opinion, my mom’s, my old coworkers (never even talked to them anymore), my old boss, her old boss, my dog, my plant, you get the picture.


I was getting ALLLL kinds of worked up about it when finally, someone pointed out…


“Christie, you’ve technically only had this business coaching business since SEPTEMBER.. which means you’re 3 months in. If you want to see if you can hit 100k in a year you need to count from September. This is a different business than your first fitness coaching business.” *by that point, it was November


Like oh. 




My crazy driven brain apparently just likes to set psychotic goals for myself that don’t even make sense.


And after that epiphany.. well.. I let go.


Let go of that number goal.


And I started having FUN.


I started ACTING on my inspired ideas.


Launched a course.

Sold it out.


Launched a course.

Sold it out again.


Upped my 1:1 prices.

Sold more of that.


Wrote fuck tons of inspired content even when Instagram trolls berated me for so much as whispering the word money. (MONEY MONEY MONEY I FUCKING LIKE IT, OKAY?!)


Started planning new trips.

Started spending more time with my family.

Started taking a lot more breaks and not working as hard.


And most of all.. remembering and honoring the very thing that had helped me increase my business from $0k, to $5k, to $10k, to $20k, to $27k from Sept-December..





















It was that, and only that.

It was the only strategy that ever got me anywhere.

Never a funnel. Never a step by step process. 


Just.. how can I show up today and make people’s lives better?


Which very often, also looked like, “Christie, what can you do today, to have more fun, be more joyful, and get inspired?”

^ Fact: nobody hires miserable coaches.


So I let go of the numbers.

I breathed.

I acted.

I loved.

I had fun.

I planned trips.


And somehow, this month.. I hit $60k in a week. Without even meaning to. Because of all of the above. 


And that made me realize, well shit.

Maybe I should start organizing this money a bit better .. and THAT is when I took a real look at my income.


And discovered that I had surpassed $100k.. $128k to be exact.. in 4.5 months. And my monthly income is exponentially increasing.




You should have seen the look on my face.

Sort of a laugh, sort of a smile.


Because it solidified what I already knew.


It was never about the six figures or 100k.

Never about proving anyone wrong or my old job.


The reason I needed to get to this point? Or why it matters at all?

Because experiencing it makes me realize…


It’s just my motherfucking warm up.

Christie Bailey