You Get to Have It All - Sex, Money, Success, Relationships, Etc.

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I make a fuck ton of money.

I have a hot ass body.

I have amazing relationships.

I have an insanely successful business.

I have lots of great sex.

I am beautiful.

I am kind.

I am generous.

I am a great coach.




I get to travel the world and have fun as part of my job.

I have a loyal as fuck tribe that loves and appreciates me and buys when I put out offers.


^ Who here .. is holding themselves back.. in ANY of those areas?


^ Who here .. isn’t letting themselves believe that they can have this?


^ Who here .. is preventing themselves from having any of those things?


…. I found myself today realizing that not only was I holding myself back from TALKING about my successes.. and the amazing qualities I have.. but I was LITERALLY PREVENTING MYSELF FROM DOING/BEING SOME OF THESE THINGS.


….. I journaled on it.


….. I’m afraid that by being GREAT. Embracing my fucking amazingness. BY HAVING IT ALL. That I will lose people I care about.


Because the reality is.. when you DO let your light shine. When you ARE happy, successful.. thriving.


That light is a mirror.


To the people in your life who are unhappy. Insecure.


And they react. Badly.


And so what do we do? Often.. if we aren’t AWARE.. we hold ourselves back subconsciously from being alllllll the EXTRA EXTRA we could REALLY be / have / do.


Cause being alone?


Scary as fuck.

Dangerous, even.


Think back to hunter gatherer days. If you weren’t in a group, you were dead.


So what happens when you’re fucking upleveling so fast YOU can’t even keep up?


Often.. we get scared. And try to pull ourselves back. Cause naturally.. being alone is dangerous. Lonely. Scary.


“It’s lonely at the top” they say.


Fuck that.


The farther up I go, the more I see who IS AND ISN’T meant to be by my side.

The farther up I go, the more fucking money I make.

The farther up I go, the more my soulmate tribe surrounds me and buys my offers.

The farther up I go, the more I get to ENJOYYYYY MY LIFE. AND MY SUCCESS.


So the people meant to be here by my side?


They won’t hate me for making $60k in a week and literally doubling my income from last month.

They won’t hate me for making $128k in 4.5 months in my biz.

They won’t hate me for taking a month and a half trip to SE Asia. And staying in the luxury, oceanview suites.

They won’t hate me for saying fucking YES TO MY LIFE. YES TO WHAT I WANT. YES TO ME.


They’ll cheer me the fuck on.


And the rest?

They’ll be left in my dust.


Know that you get to be extra extra.



Know that you get to say yes to all of the success, happiness, wealth, experiences, travel, sex, relationships, career, friendships, WHATEVER.


Yes is a choice.

Embracing your greatness instead of hiding from it is a choice.


And know that by dimming your own light.. you’re only holding others back, others that would have potentially been inspired by you.. inspired to embrace their own light.. their own EXTRA EXTRA.. too.


And that’d be shitty as hell.


It IS safe to have it all.


Christie Bailey