The Key to CONTENT that SELLS: Obsessive Passion

The key to content that sells


You need to have some god damn PASSION with what you’re talking about. Like borderline obsessive passion. Like, you’d eat crackers for a month and sell your brother’s dog just to keep the business alive because you love it so much passion. Ok not the dog, that was mean. But definitely the crackers. You have to be willing to eat shit for awhile, for the sake of your dream.

Doing this business thing just cause you think it’s “cool” and is gonna help you quit your 9-5 job and have an awesome life? Not gonna cut it.

And if you don’t LOVE with a burning fury that thing you’re selling.. the thing you’re teaching.. if you don’t believe in it.. if you wouldn’t fucking cry or die for it, then you’re not going to be able to talk about it in a way that get’s ANYONE’S attention, let alone sell.

Cause here’s the reality.

You don’t write amazing content about, and you don’t sell things, that you don’t actually give a shit about.

Because deep down, if you don’t actually care about the thing you’re teaching or selling, and you only care about having a business and all the shit that that means for YOU and YOUR life.. then it’s the YOU SHOW.

And this business, is not about you.

This business, is meant to serve others.

This business, should be your life’s work and purpose.

And WHEN you pour your fucking heart and soul into it, when you would give up EVERYTHING FOR IT, when you love your clients and your tribe as dearly as you love your own flesh and blood.. and WHEN YOU CARE MORE ABOUT HELPING OTHER PEOPLE AND PROVIDING VALUE, THAN YOU DO YOUR OWN DESIRED BUSINESS OUTCOMES..

You create magic.
In your words.
In the way you show up on lifestreams.
In the vibe of your community.

People feel that love, that good energy, and they want to be a part of it. They appreciate you so much for giving them that, they want to give to you in return. They want to send YOU love, they want to buy YOUR programs so they can have a little part of your good energy.

They never buy programs.
They buy the feeling and the vision of the life that they could have, if they worked with you.

So if you’re just typing some shit out on your fucking keyboard every morning with the pure intention of selling other people so you can find your own business freedom.. well hunni, I hate to break it to ya, but you’re doin it wrong.

Like, so wrong.

Because people are like dogs who can sense a storm.

They can tell what’s awkward and forced.
And they can tell what’s created out of love and a desire to help.
And they can tell what’s created out of pure obsessive passion.


Desperation for a sale.
Wanting a quick buck.
A coach who isn’t really into her biz but is just doing it anyways.

So can you honestly say that you love your business with that burning passion?
And can you honestly say that you are SHOWING UP DAILY with the pure desire to help other people and provide SO MUCH VALUE to these people who need you the most?

Or have you forgotten why you started this business in the first place?

Passion is the one thing that you can’t learn from a fucking freebie PDF.
It requires that you look inside you.
And ask yourself the really hard questions.

> Did I create this business out of necessity and my own needs? Or is it purely because I LOVE what I do and helping others?

> Would I eat shit for a month (or crackers or whatever) just to keep this biz alive, because that’s how much it means to me?

> Am I showing up (at all) for my audience, and when I am, is it with the intent to make money, or with the intent to GIVE with my whole heart?

> Do I TRUST in myself and have faith that when I give to my tribe, that I am always compensated for my work?

So, wanna write better content?
You better reflect on that passion, and whether you still have it.. or whether it needs to be rekindled.

Don’t forget about the people who make your business possible.. the people who are not only potential clients and yes, can bring you income, but who are meant to work with you and have their lives changed.. leading to true fulfillment, joy, and happiness.. for you, the coach.

Don’t do shit just because you think you have to, or because it’s the business that makes the most money, or it’s the easiest because you know the most.

It never works.
You never do the work.
You aren’t going to be committed.
And in fact, you’ll be bored out of your god damn mind.

Follow the fucking PASSION. Don’t ignore it, don’t let it die.

It’s not only going to lead you to incredible content..
It’s going to lead you to absolutely insane abundance in your business, and fulfillment in your life.

Christie Bailey