Making A Leap of Faith

TWO WEEKS AGO.. I made a decision that will (and has) changed the course of my life.

I decided to ACT on my soul’s nudge.. the nudge that had been gnawing away at me for FOUR YEARS.

The nudge that said.. “Your home, and your heart, is in California.”

And for four years, I ignored that intuitive nudge.

“I don’t have the money yet.”

“I don’t feel stable yet.”

“I don’t wanna leave my family yet.”

“I can’t leave my boyfriend I have to wait.”

“I need to scale my business to 7-figures first.”

….. and two weeks ago, I was reminded that life is right now.

It’s ALWAYS been right now. And in every moment that I waited to say yes to my soul, life was passing me by.

Because it wasn’t just the guidance of ‘move to Cali’ - no… it was “Move to LA because God’s purpose is WAY fucking bigger for you, and that is the place where your purpose will expand, where you will thrive and step into the next version of yourself..”

Like, damn. No pressure.

And I think that’s the reason why I said NO for so long.

Could I possibly be ready for something THAT much bigger?

Could something as small as a little ‘soul nudge’ that said you’re meant for HUGE greatness and to speak in front of millions.. be true?

It’s really easy to DISCOUNT that little voice, because it seems impossible.

But every time I HAVE listened to that little voice in my head?


Like quitting the coveted corporate sales job on a whim one day and starting the online business that would change my life.

Like making my YEARLY corporate salary my MONTHLY salary.

Like entering and winning a huge fitness spokesmodel search.

Like winning my IFBB bikini pro card my first try.

Like going to Switzerland for college for 4 years just because I got a postcard in the mail.

….. And every time something beautiful happened in my life, it required that I listen to my intuitive guidance and SURRENDER CONTROL.

I don’t get to know what happens after I move tomorrow.

I don’t have a place rented yet.

I’m just putting me and my pup on a plane tomorrow and staying with a friend for two weeks and trusting I’ll find the perfect place.


I get to trust the guidance.

I get to say yes, to the next step, while not KNOWING the outcome.

And so do you.

Because we always have that choice.

And life on the edge, life LIVED, with joy, intimacy, FUN, flow, funds, connection.. ADVENTURE.. all the fuckin things.

It starts with that leap of faith.


It’s gonna be worth it.

Christie Bailey