Take Yourself on a DATE + Let Go of Control and ANXIETY in Your Life/Biz


>> Today I took time to get intimate with MYSELF.. and took me myself and I on a DATE to the LA County Museum Of Art <<

It happened by accident.. like, of course, God - throwin me all the signs that I'm on the right path and to let the fuck go of control.

My car is getting shipped here to LA from Virginia (I thought like, 3-4 day from now it'd get here) but the driver called me at noon and gave me an address to meet him. Surprise! Lmfao.

I figured out it was LACMA.. and me, learning how to navigate LA traffic times (which apparently is a huge fuckin deal here) - left at 1pm to avoid prime traffic.

The ego fear based side of me wanted to be like UGH. TRAFFIC. UGH. WHY DIDN'T YOU GIVE ME MORE NOTICE. UGH. I COULD BE WORKING.

But the higher self side of me knew that there was a blessing in disguise.

So, I get here and it's legit, the PERFECT day. 70 degrees. All kinds of interesting artsy people just sitting in the courtyard journaling and writing postcards and having a drink with a friend.

And I just had to smile.

Because I knew that God had LITERALLY sent me a blessing in the form of my car shipper man.

"Christie, go chill the fuck out. You asked me to bring out your creative side, so here you go."

So... I'm sitting here at this museum in the place I now call my home.

Scheduling dance classes at my favorite studio ever, Playground LA for this upcoming week.

Browsing rentals for my dream apartment to go see over the weekend.

Writing out the challenge trainings for my $15k in 15 Days Sales + Money Mindset Challenge which starts WEDNESDAY which are gonna be dope as fuckkkkk because I'm including SO much life shit, letting go shit, having fun shit, as well as the practical how of generating cash flow in your business with commitment and urgency -

(SO excited to teach these ladies on all thangs launching, daily sales activities, content, and teaching my ladies personal accountability and commitment to their mission + audience which of course, generates that cash monayyyy IF you show up in service.)

Like... I'm so fuckin grateful.
SO in awe, that within the span of 3 weeks, I've made my dream real.

The warm breeze I feel on my skin (instead of the bitter cold winter winds in VA right now lol.)

The artsy as fuck people watching, and feeling so creatively energized and inspired just by being here at this museum. I can't remember the last time I went to an art museum by myself. Oh wait, never.

The version of me that is being revealed.. the version that takes myself out on DATES, does things SOLO, signs herself up for adventures + to try new things, that takes pleasure in the smallest things like my dog Lucy going ape SHIT at seeing the ocean for the first time.

It's just, presence. 
Self intimacy.

And allowing the flow of my day, to carry me. 
Trusting that there is always a reason and a purpose and that it's up to me to see the blessing and God's next step that he's lined out.

I can't see that step if I don't take the risks. If I try to overcontrol. If I stay in my same ways of being, and acting, out of fear and ego.

Living your dream life isn't created that way.

And while I will still struggle with overcontrolling, being too driven at times, my ego, and my fear...

I know I'm taking the steps I need to take to bring my highest self out in full force. And THAT version of me, is the version of me that scales her business to SEVEN figures next year, who is a published author, who has a podcast with huge impact, who laughs and plays and is present and grateful in each day. Who impacts a life daily.


And my purpose is to help as many people as I can find the freedom that I have.


FOR ME; a huge part of that purpose, helping others find that freedom, is financial freedom.

It has been one of the biggest blessings of my LIFE, to have the financial ability to make this move, to build and scale my business, to afford experiences and mentoring and the little things like just a beautiful candle, that make my life more pleasant.

And that's why I created the $15k in 15 Days Sales + Money Mindset Challenge.

I see people doing the same thing as me.

And I don't give a fuck.
Cause I know I'm about to change the lives of the women who are committed to creating their own freedom and who feel that alignment with my energy.

And if you're one of them, then commit to literally changing the course of your life.

This is not just about making money.
This is about FREEDOM.
And about giving you the skills and the discipline to create the money that will allow you to do so.

To sign up and benefit and actually have a chance of generating $15k in 15 days, you need to have a program to sell or be willing to make one, be willing to challenge the fuck out of yourself and be open minded to the things I'm going to be challenging you to do.

You'll need to drop your triggered bullshit beliefs around money and how creating it is 'bad'.

You'll need to WANT to start living, and stop hiding in a life that you're not even fully in love with.

And if that's you,
I invite you to take the next 15 days to get super fuckin intimate with yourself, yourself and money, yourself and your business.

Join here: www.christiebailey.com/15kin15days

Life is now.
And it's time to start acting like it.

We have limited time to make our impact on this earth count.


Christie Bailey