When Taking A Break is Profitable (and NEEDED) // What 7 Days off Taught Me About Life + Business

If you are feeling frantic, unaligned, like you’re living in some sort of weird limbo, beating yourself up about not doing/selling/posting enough, stuck as fuck, jealous, a little depressed, lonely, doubting - then this article is for you.

About a week ago, I was about to relaunch a program that had done insanely well, and made moves to start doing so.. until I called my mom and cried, saying “I think.. I need a break. A vacation. One week.”

And let me preface this by saying that I have not taken a REAL vacation from my business ever (all my vacations were ‘marketing’ vacations where ya know, I could work on the beach and Bali and bullshit, and tell myself that I was ‘just a person who never wanted to stop working and that’s okay.’)

But VACATION? Like, phones off, disconnect, no social media, no work, no writing content for other people or for sales, no active selling, just doing things I need / enjoy?


Cause vacations are for half ass bitches who aren’t supposed to be real entrepreneurs right?! 

Ugh, wrong. 

And yes, I have been someone in business who touted this message (in kinder words of course). But what I couldn’t see before was that my obsession with work, growth, money, sales, more, and showing it all off?

It was avoidance.

Just like when I took my Adderall instead of looking into why I’m not motivated to do the work. I force myself.

Just like when I ‘needed’ to unwind after working all day with wine because I just wanted to escape the anxious feeling that something was wrong, or that I wasn’t doing this whole ‘online female entrepreneur thing’ the “RIGHT” way.

Just like when I stuck myself in an unaligned relationship and stayed there for 1.5 years, because being comfortable in my suburban life and distracting myself with earning more money and growing my business.. was me avoiding the fact that I was miserable.

‘WORKING YOUR ASS OFF’ and HUSTLING - is avoidance too.

I just didn’t see that, and how much it was actually hurting me and my business, and my audience.. until I took these 7 days for me. 

To reconnect with me.

To hear my own voice again, instead of the majority opinions of the leading female entrepreneurs in this space.

To let go of any and all pressures I had placed unnecessarily on myself (which was like, 24/7 every minute every hour.)

To just be.

I can honestly say that in the last week I have become a different woman.

Rather, I’ve stopped being a scared little girl who didn’t want to look at herself, feel any feelings, or get aligned..

And I’ve stepped into the woman I needed to be, for me.

A woman who can actually truly say she’s happy, taking care of herself, and fulfilled.

A woman who knows what really matters to her in life.

A woman who has found a home in herself.

I also know for a fact, that the majority of my followers and audience and clients are in a similar boat. 

Obsessing, frantic, always pushing to be the best/earn more/have it all/finally just be OKAY and get rid of the panicked anxiety feeling they feel daily that something is wrong, that they are not good enough..

And they don’t know how.

These are my lessons for you.

I know I was meant to take this break so that I could share these.

So here we go. ;)

#1) You cannot keep pushing yourself without REAL rest, and continue to expect to make business gains.

I was a fitness coach for a long ass time. And there is a scientific concept in weight-loss called a metabolic (weight loss) plateau. AKA, you push your body so hard with dieting, and cardio, and workouts that eventually it hits a plateau and you stop losing weight as the body is trying to protect itself from too much drastic change.

The only way out of a weight loss plateau is a combination of a refeed (eating MORE for a short period of time) and REST - giving your body what it needs then putting it back to work, after which weight loss usually resumes again.


You have been trying to gain progress for so damn long, without rest, without breaks, and no your nightly netflix and wine binges do not fucking count as rest. 

Because as you and I know all too well, just because we’ve stopped ‘physically’ working - doesn’t mean our brains stop. 

Takeaway: If we are mentally and physically exhausted, disenchanted with our business and our work, and essentially being our own slave-drivers - then no matter HOW much ‘work’ you do, you’re just not going to see the progress you want.

People recognize and can feel your exhausted, pushing, tired energy and that does not attract new clients, lemme tell ya.

#2) I wasn’t actually hearing my own voice/intuition like I thought I was. I was just listening to ego/fear.

When you’re pushing yourself with ‘doing more shit’ in your business and generally feeling anxious each day - it’s often that some part of your business and/or your life is out of alignment.

But you don’t wanna see it or acknowledge it.

And so, you work harder. Grind more. And soon, that voice of fear that’s been telling you to keep doing more shit, can get easily confused with ‘intuition.’

And then you’re sitting there wondering why the fuck your intuition isn’t leading you towards success. It’s not intuition, it’s fear disguised as it - and the only way to realize that?

Is by taking that break, doing some deep inner work and digging, and getting realigned with who you are and your real intuition (this could legit be an entire other blog post - it’s big on my heart right now so expect more content and writing from me in the coming days on the *how* of this.)

#3) Working in and on your business can quickly become an escape/addiction - just like drugs/booze/weed. 

If you’re frantic as fuck on a daily basis, and instead of exploring where it’s coming from, you just work harder..

you might as well be on drugs.

That’s called avoidance and repression, and instead of a substance you use work to avoid looking into your pain and fear. The more you sweep that shit under the rug, the more frantic you become.

So actually - the profitable work to be done isn’t more sales for you right now. It’s looking under the damn rug at what your work addiction is helping you avoid dealing with.

#4) I did not even know how the fuck to truly do self-care, or the benefits to myself or my business, until this vacation.

A ‘mini-break’ or an afternoon off here and there IS NOT. FUCKING. SELF. CARE. For so many driven women we feel like we don’t deserve it.. we avoid it. We teach it and preach it but hell when it comes down to it? 

Our ego and fear tells us to just keep blankly scrolling and pretend like it’s profitable, productive, and aligned “work”. Lolz.

Self care for me looked like: 

  • 0 business work.

  • Multiple massages.

  • Seeing my therapist 2x a week to have someone to talk out my brain with, realign my values.

  • No seeing or contacting people who had the potential to shift my energy in a negative way.

  • No social media.

  • Long walks with my dog.

  • Talking to strangers on the street and being fully present in each moment.

  • Going to the gym.

  • Eating healthy food (with a few pizza/wine/chocolate nights cause hey that’s self care too lol).

  • Journaling massively each day and digging deeper.

  • Sitting with my feelings and crying if I needed to to release. Which legit just sometimes looked like me sitting on a couch and feeling my anxiety and letting it come.

  • Cleaning up my apartment / designing it.


#5) It showed me why I wasn’t feeling passionate about my business, and reminded me of what DOES (so that it can thrive, and I can thrive.)

How many of you have gotten to the point in your business where it feels stale? Uninspired? Like you just don’t even know what you want or what would make you motivated anymore?

It fucking sucks.

And I can 100% tell you that working MORE is not going to get you the clarity you desire. 

Giving myself the space and mental freedom to rediscover my passions, and reflect in my journaling on how I get to bring my passions into my business .. THAT reignited my flame. 

So take your damn break.

#7) Being in extremes is for my little girl insecure self. The woman I am gets to be on vacation, taking care of herself, working on what she’s passionate about all the time. 

And if you’er still not convinced after seven different reasons why you should take a break.. let me leave you with this truth bomb.

After seven days of total self care, internal reflection, and doing what I desired.. I feel like a different person. 

I left my little girl self behind, the fearful one whose moves were dictated by others’ expectations - and I stepped into the woman I know I needed to be.

The woman who understands that without this self care, time, and space for herself - she cannot possibly even fucking think about running or scaling a business that impacts millions.

The woman who understands what without her passions infused into her business, HER way, that there is no business at all. Because the woman I am can’t live not in integrity. Can’t pretend to be something she’s not. Can’t hold back any part of who she is.

And most of all, can’t and won’t ever live with the hustle, fear based, ego-driven anxiety that has ruled my life up until a week ago.

You, beautiful - get to give yourself space and grace to get clarity on who you are, what you truly want, away from the noise, the pressure, and the fear that consistently weighs you down.

And while you may be thinking, I can’t afford to take a break, Christie.

I’m here to tell you that you can’t afford NOT to.

You deserve happiness, you deserve to live your passions, and you deserve to get hella paid for that - but you can’t while your brain is a hot jumbled mess. Knowing business strategy and the how of scaling a business, can’t work without a strong mental state.

So give yourself that gift.

I love you.



Christie Bailey