Live in the Moment

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So - Pierpaolo is a chickpea farmer in Tuscany. AND HE’S THE DEFINITION OF A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR.

He doesn’t give a damn about 6-figure months.

He gives a damn about raising his children in a beautiful place where they get to have dinner together every night, together with his wife Illaria who has been a children’s book editor for 10 years.

He gives a damn about sitting on his porch and drinking his espresso and having a cigarette and enjoying the sunrise and sunset every day.

He gives a damn about the animals he raises on his farm. Three dogs, two cats (one about to give birth to probably 5 billion kittens) and a load of ducks and chickens.

He gives a damn about the agroturismo that he and his wife run together. He says it’s the biggest joy of his life, and they don’t even need to travel - because the world comes to them.

He quit his high paying corporate job to do this.

It’s so quiet. So so quiet.

I mean I’m sitting here typing listening to his raspy smoker's cough, softly playing Italian music as he makes dinner for us - where we’ll gather again like we did last night and he’ll load us up on wine and all of his delicious homemade food that his Illaria jokingly says is never as good as hers.

The thing that struck me the most about Pierpaolo, his wife, and this life they lead is that they feel nothing is permanent, and anything is possible.

This came up because we were talking about marriage last night and how my parents divorced. And they looked at each other and smiled and shrugged, “Well, maybe we won’t be together in 5 years, who knows? We don’t know where we will live in 5 years. Anything is possible. We just are living right now.”

Living right now.

Can you even fathom that?

In this little online world we’ve created for ourselves where our self worth is measured in the span of 31 days and how much you can sell? How much you can say you’ve earned at the end of the month?

Goddddd I used to live my life in total anxiety about what the number would be at the end of the month. I believed that the higher it was, the more content and happy and excited I would be. And I believed that if I wasn’t struggling and hustling and fixing something or working on something to make that happen that was DEFINITE AND CONCRETE all day every day - then maybe I wasn’t “a good entrepreneur.”

I forgot.. back then. About the humanity that is involved in being an entrepreneur.

About the importance of waking up to a life you absolutely love every day - in every single present moment.

About the importance of learning to BE.. present. 

Appreciating the now. Because the future will come soon - the now will never be again.

And so I’m sitting here.. looking over the hills of Tuscany, listening to Pierpaolo’s occasional raspy smoker’s cough, faintly playing Italian music floating in from the kitchen, waiting for dinner and contemplating my next moves in my life and business.

And I realize there are no moves.
This is the move.

The silence of this beautiful fucking heavenly place I’m in.
The appreciation of this moment that will never be again - and only exists now.
The mind blowingness of the lesson I have learned this month..of letting go of how. And numbers. And the struggle. And learning that being a true, successful, entrepreneur is much like being a chickpea farmer in the middle of Tuscany.

It’s only really worth it if you know how to love your life in the present moment.

It’s only really worth it if you can have so much love and appreciation and compassion for yourself and the fact that you have gotten to where you are now.

Which in my case.. is the rolling hillsides of Tuscany with my little brother.

Money? It’s a no brainer. It will come as sure as this thunderstorm that I see rolling in from the fields right now. But it can’t come in abundance without appreciation for the life it brings me.

And appreciation of this moment, and every given moment, is what I’ve been needing to learn since the day I started my business.

Like wow, I just legit do not give a fuck about any of the money I have ever made or any of the supposed accomplishments that most biz coaches would say I should be bragging about to get more clients.


This moment is the only thing that MATTERS.

You are safe.
You are here.
Breathe deeply in, let it exhale out.

Look around you.
At where you are.

You’re right where you need to be.

Christie Bailey