More Income with Less Work

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MORE INCOME WITH LESS WORK. What one month in Bali taught me.

When I was in Bali, I spent the mornings journaling, writing inspired content, and getting on sales calls on the beach. My clients could literally hear the birds chirping in the trees in above me (I was usually lying in a hammock).. could hear the reggae music and the waves in the background.

And my afternoons? Massages. Mojitos at luxury hotels. Reading. Sunbathing. Shopping.

It went against EVERYTHING I had ever told myself was true. Namely, that I had to “work hard” and “grind” in order to have a successful business.

Here’s what my first $10k month in my business looked like:
> Probably 15 or so posts.
> 8 sales calls.
> Two $5k 1:1 soulmate clients. That’s a $10k cash month.
It was the most money I had ever made in my biz, the least I had ever worked, and the most fun I had ever had.


> You do not need to copy other people’s complicated strategies.
I had no website, no ads, no funnels. Just one tight-knit Facebook group of around 200 people that I showed up daily in, and added value and passion. I got ALL my leads from there, and NONE from my IG which had 34k followers. (So if you’re thinking that you’re not successful because you don’t have followers or influence, that’s an excuse. Influence is value that is intentionally created by you, not by your numbers.)

> Having FUN and letting go of my psychotic need to “work hard to prove myself” is ACTUALLY the exact reason my clients decided to work with me.
They saw the freedom and joy I have in my life and THAT is the reason they decided to sign up with me (and then of course, they trusted my value and expertise because they had been absorbing my content for the last 1-2 months). Staring at your computer incessantly and creating your brand color palette 15 times in Adobe is not going to get you to the next level.

> Giving no fucks and staying true to myself in my content and messaging was the most impactful thing I EVER did for my biz.
It’s what created my influence among my tiny Facebook group of 200 people at the time. Influence that earned me $10k that month.. $15k the next month.. and $23k so far this month. And ya know what? It's LIBERATING to stop doing shit and saying shit that you think you "have to" in order to be successful. And it's LIBERATING to know that you can trust your intuition to lead you to the income and success you want right now.

Screw the rules.
Screw the shoulds.
Screw the “best strategies” that aren't working anyways.
Screw not having fun in your business.
Screw “working hard” for working hard’s sake.
You can have $10k months now with less work and more fun. Simply because you say so and decide it’s possible.

Christie Bailey