When Resistance to Launch Kicks You in the Face

When Resistance to Launch Kicks You in the Face.png


Day 7


5:30AM - *Wakes up because Lucy is crying* - haven’t yet learned to manifest a dog that doesn’t wake me up at the buttcrack of dawn but it’s on my list.

6:00AM - Pop an adderall and shower (I legitimately do have ADD guys I wasn't just saying that haha). By the time it kicks in I’ll be ready to journal and meditate.

6:30AM - Hm. I’m hungry. Egg whites and some bread. *Scrolls Facebook aimlessly*

7:00AM - Ok. Ready to journal and meditate. *Lights candles* - Flow as fuck. Having a chat with God. Having the epiphany that I’m finally at the point in my life and biz where I’m transitioning from being motivated by fear/proving people wrong .. to being motivated by just getting better because I’m driven as fuck. >> Cue terror of not depending on my revenge motivation to prove all my troll haters wrong.

7:45AM - Seriously feeling like I’m on a cloud. Staring at my candle flame. Wrote down *What do I feel called to do to get BETTER today?* >> In the sense of - to be/do/have more than I did yesterday. 

I get this answer: “A low cost paid training on how to design a group program from an inspired place which is actually the only times my programs have sold the fuck out and made ridiculous amounts of money.”

Which is perfect because.. I’ve been preggo with a different group program idea that I want to create for AWHILE now.. and I finally got the inspired download for the program name yesterday.

But I’ve been procrastinating planning out the program.
And I need to plan it out anyways.
So I might as well teach a training on how to create an inspired as fuck, sellout group program and get paid to do so.
…. which will also force me to stop procrastinating and do the damn thing.


8:11AM - Realize I’m late as fuck to get my dog groomed.
8:30AM - They tell me to reschedule and my moppy head of a dog shall have to remain stinky and moppy. Decide to go grocery shopping instead.

9:30AM - Ready to pop out this training outline of how I wanna run it and make a post about it!!! WOOOO!!! *sits down at desk. eyes glaze over. thinks about anything else but doing the thing. Fear and worry starts to sink in*

“What if people don’t want that? That’s too simple! That’s too easy! Meh that’s low cost is that worth the effort? What if people don’t understand my idea? Ugh. Fuck. Blah.”

9:45AM - Decide to clean my entire fucking room and unpack. I ALMOST NEVER CLEAN. I’m messy as fuck. This is how I know resistance has arrived in full ugly force. Decide also to clean my kitchen. My boyfriend will tell you what a rarity this is.

10:00AM - Puts on make up and gets dressed. *Maybe if I look good I’ll feel motivated.* Also decide to organize my cabinets while I’m in there. *Haven’t organized them since I moved in.*

10:45AM - I’m here. Writing this fucking shit out. BECAUSE I KNOW, RESISTANCE - THAT YOU SHALL NOT WIN THIS BATTLE TODAY, IF I CALL YOU OUT.his 

Even though - fear is setting in. Even though - I immediately begin to doubt myself. Even though - I’m trying to figure out a plan step by step although I know that never fucking works. EVEN THOUGH… even though.

I’m just writing.
I’m just gonna put this out there.
I’m just gonna continue doing and writing and speaking until my resistance shuts up.


And THESE MOMENTS… are the ones in which I know the best fucking work ever is about to come out of me. I know because I feel the fear. I feel the resistance to the work - the work that I’m excited as fuck about.

And I know that it will be some of my best work ever because this training idea to show people how I download/create inspired and aligned programs that make me the most money, and apparently, overcome fuckloads of resistance came literally out of thin air.

I didn’t force it.
I wasn’t sitting there thinking, “MUAHAHAHH, HOW CAN I GET TO A 100K MONTH TODAY!?”

I was sitting there thinking, “Ok God, Universe, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME SAY? WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME DO? HOW CAN I GET BETTER?”

And then I sit and listen.
To whatever comes through.
Just like the #100daysofunfiltered came through me.

Just like my group program idea… whatever that will look like, came through me.

Just like the idea to do a LIVE low cost training around my process for downloading my inspired idea for this program, brainstorming it out, organizing it into a group program, planning my launch and overcoming the resistance to do all of the fucking above. Which I will sell/run first cause I need to do it anyway for myself and my clients keep asking me for something like that SO YA IM JUST GONNA PUT THIS OUT THERE NOW.

HA. Resistance. Take that.



So yeah.

I have this fucking amazing program idea…
I need to plan it out.
I was gonna do this live with my private clients anyways do show them how I do it for myself and teach them to do it on their own.

AND this will totally keep me accountable and out of resistance if I literally have to commit to it.


So with that said…


(I have never run a group program launch that was under $24k…..)


This will be a 1 day workshop where I take you through the entire process
.. and where you can follow along and create your own group programs

(awesome especially if you’ve been preggo with a group program idea for a long time and know you need to be held accountable to plan it out! Like me. haha.)

And I’ll also add in as a BONUS training how I designed my 1:1 secret society.. HA.. you guys probably didn’t even know I do 1:1 cause I don’t advertise it lol. This was the vid I did when I said I made $58k in 4 weeks since I started it without ever promoting it/launching it. So for that bonus.. I’m thinking I’ll be teaching on…

> How to sell a high ticket 1:1 program (or any program) without promoting it and without a sales page and why making it exclusive encourages people to buy.
> What my 1:1 looks like and how I incorporate a group aspect to it that adds a shit ton of value.
> How I’m planning my retreats for this program (by the way it’s ongoing 1:1… so this is monthly recurring income for me.)


I’m thinking let’s do it SATURDAY 4/28 and it’ll be $147 to join in for the entire live training! And I’ll give you my step by step process for creating programs so you can do it on your own.

I'm thinking it'll run for about 2 hours or until I've just run out of things to teach and say lol. Whatever needs to come out will come out.

And we'll spend the rest of the day hanging out in the training group (will create a separate group for our work) workshopping YOUR GUYS' offers and hanging out // answering your questions // kicking your fear in the patootie.

—— - 

K bai.

And fuck you, RESISTANCE!
I beat your ass today.

PS. I’m still scared as fuck sometimes. Like right now. But I’m posting this anyways. I’m doing this training anyways. I’m creating my next group program anyways.

And that’s how we do the fuckin things and make the fuckin money.

Christie Bailey