My Clients aren't Clients- They're My Sisters

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My clients aren’t clients - they’re my sisters.

Last November, I remember getting the intuitive hit to reach out to Lizzi- who I'd seen creepin around my Insta, loyally following my posts and stories.

I was launching my FIRST group program.. peeing-my-pants scared no one would sign up. But determined to do this launch, MY WAY.

I wasn't gonna do sales calls for that launch. I mostly didn't. But when Lizzi and I connected.. something told me to get on the phone with her.

I saw myself in her. Someone doing a little of everything.. competing in pageants and competitions - because she thought she should - trying to get the cert - because she thought she needed it first. Doing everything BUT what she needed to do to pursue her dreams.

And her dream?

To leave her corporate job by the end of 2018.

Lizzi was scared as fuck of going all in. In fact she gave me objections time and time and time again. And I approached each and every one of them with love because.. well, I could see them for what they were, and I could see myself in her.

Now, I kept pushing Lizzi out of her comfort zone. And now it's May 2018 and this sisterhood is still going STRONG.

I watch her on Facebook.. fucking amazed and also not so surprised - that she's turned into the queen that she has always been, the one that I saw all those months ago.

Someone who learned to trust herself again.
Someone who learned her worth and value again.
Someone who began to claim her standards, and speak up for what she believed in with courage and bravery.
Someone who learned that her dreams were worth more than fears.

Even when she called me crying.
Even when I cried with her, as we talked through some of the toughest shit in life.
Even during the moments of anxiety and panicked Voxers.
Even when it felt like all hope was lost.
Even when she changed her biz direction like 5 times and was terrified to get on sales calls and I had to kick her ass. LOL.

She keeps going.
She'll always keep going.

I've literally watched this woman transform into one of the most amazing, empowered leaders over these few months.. and while at first the transformation was personal (and necessarily had to be) .. to see it now translate into her business success makes me so proud.

I don't often write posts like these about clients (although dammit I think I will now!) .. but Lizzi - I just wanted to publicly proclaim (again) how fucking proud I am of you, and what an honor it has been to mentor you and see you transform. ❤️

This is why I mentor.
This is why I do what I do.

Not a fucking $$ month.
Not the number of people who follow me.

It's the opportunity to transform someone's life, and to create relationships that will last a lifetime.. and never be forgotten.

I love you Lizzi!

Christie Bailey