Success in Business (and Life) Happens in the Little Things that are Easy to Do, and Easy Not to Do.

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Hm, good question.
Someone who joined this group asked that the other day.

My success happened in the little things I chose to do that most people IGNORE.

And by doing those little things, REPTITIVELY, over and over and over and over.

> I mastered the art of copywriting (and still am) - and how to captivate people with my words. I read books, listened to livestreams, practiced, analyzed what worked, and didn’t work - and repeated the process endlessly, day in and day out.

> I mastered the art of selling (and still am) - and practiced day in, day out. Again, I read the books, I took the courses, I hired and paid handsomely for my mentors and became an avid student of everything they did and wrote - and analyzed that some more.

> When I was just starting out - I chose to message people personally about my programs to promote them, instead of sitting back and letting fear that no-one would sign up, take over. Even though I might (and often did) get rejected. I learned the no's were just as valuable as the yes's - because I kept getting better after analyzing every no instead of letting it go and being all pouty about it.

> I chose to stay in and do a livestream on Friday nights, rather than go out with old friends who didn’t get why I was so obsessed with my business.

> I AVIDLY did the inner work once I realized how significant it was for me scaling my business - fear, often, and still is, the only thing that holds me back from doing, having, and being more in my business. That looked like daily journaling, meditating, praying, learning through personal development books and courses, and again, analyzing everything I was learning.

See, success was really fucking easy to do - because it wasn’t some huge gigantic leap and all of a sudden I arrived.

Success was easy to do because it happened in the little, tedious ass steps of the day to day work. Messaging people. Learning. Growing. Implementing. Analyzing. 


Like, that potential ideal client you’ve been thinking for weeks about reaching out to.

Like, that program you’ve been hesitating to launch.

Like, that mentor you know is going to launch you to the next level, that you’re to terrified to hire.

Like, that post you haven’t posted because you’d still rather succumb to the fear of what people might think, rather than explore the potential of your greatness as a leader who says the shit that NEEDS to be said (and hint, these are the people that get paid big bucks.)

So sure - sit on your ass.

It’ll be easy to forget about the important, little, but significant things you can do each day to grow your business and income.

But it’d also be easy just do do the fucking thing.

Outline your group program in the next hour.
Message the person you’ve been wanting to work with, right after reading this.
Finally pulling the trigger on the mentor you know you need.
Posting that post you’ve been hesitating on forever.
Reading that book or watching that livestream to sharpen your skills.

And then you do that.
Day in.
Day out.
Day in.
Day out.

That’s mastery.
Being able to do the work, and realize that becoming truly GREAT and SUCCESSFUL at something - happens in that pause.. where you learn, analyze, ACT.

You’ll learn to love the process of THAT alone, SO MUCH..
that you won’t even notice how far you’ve come.

Until one day you wake up to a message from someone asking..

how did you scale so quickly, so fast?

Answer: I stopped trying to scale quickly. I started putting effort in becoming a master of my art and my work.

Up to you.
Do it or don’t. 
You’re the only one who will ever give a shit about your own success, and who could ever create your own success.

Christie Bailey