💣 🔥 Being a Truly Great Online Business Mentor is Not Just About Teaching Your Clients to Hit a $10-20-30-40-50k Month. AT ALL.

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💣 🔥 Being a truly great online business mentor is not just about teaching your clients to hit a $10-20-30-40-50k month. AT ALL.


It’s a shallow cop out and a desperate attempt to earn money for the sake of earning money so that they might feel better about themselves if they just can earn that next biggest income number.

Because a fulfilled life is not about an income goal.
It’s about being able to truly live life at the highest fucking possible level. 

And to mentor someone in THAT way..

👉🏼 you need to be able to teach someone more than how to make money online.

👉🏼 you need to be able to transform and shift someone in more than just a conversation.

👉🏼 you need to be able to enter every facet of their life, the deepest parts of them, and KNOW them, inside and out - to make the shift they need to make to live that highest level life.

Teaching someone how to sell, how to lose the weight, how to make the IG post to get new leads - is not enough.


Being a true teacher is teaching your students how to learn. How to act. How to analyze that action. How to continually improve the process or the action for the next time. It’s teaching them how to find joy in the process of action and learning. And in that joy of learning the process and the small results.. to teach them that even as they look up and find some incredible wins - that they will never find as much joy in the result, as in the process.

And the love of the process is what creates success. Yes financially - but more importantly - emotionally.. (which really, is what those income goal chasers were seeking all along.) 💜

...... That emotional fulfillment they’re seeking will NEVER come from the false love and joy of signing $10k client and you teaching them strategies to just get that client and then market the fact that they got a $10k client so they can get more clients. 🤦🏻‍♀️

There’s no depth. There’s no transformation. There’s no focus on living a full life.

Just a focus and false suggestion that making a certain amount of money means success.

✅ True mentorship in this world is teaching your students to learn to love the process of online business. To find satisfaction in the every day tasks, conversations, and joys of transforming people’s lives. To explore the INCREDIBLE possibilities that that money, and that success, can bring to their quality of life.

✅ True mentorship is realizing that as a mentor you are never done learning - and that your students have as much to teach you, as you have to teach them.

✅ True mentorship is respect, is time spent, is deep understanding of that person’s life, what drives them, and what they respond to.

✅ True mentorship doesn’t just change a person’s business.. it changes a person’s life.


Can you say the same about yourself?
Of the mentors you’ve worked with?


Not all mentors are created equal.

Be cognizant enough to step outside your love for the results you think they can get you..

and really think about whether they’re transforming your life. 

Christie Bailey