#100womento100k // WON’T STOP TIL IT’S DONE.

#100womento100k __ WON’T STOP TIL IT’S DONE..png

#100womento100k // WON’T STOP TIL IT’S DONE.

I’ve been wondering where that fucking fire in my belly went. The one that money goals used to give me. Money doesn’t mean shit to me anymore.

But what does?

Seeing Dee Gautham's Voxer to me this morning saying she hit $18k this month.. >> She’s halfway to 6 figures and we only started working together in NOVEMBER.. (when she had no business at all).

Seeing Genicca Whitney's post to me this morning saying she hit her first $32k month. When previously - she had only been able to hit $10k. <3

Seeing Demi Price take a leap of faith, investing in 1:1 with me - after going from literally $0k/month in her business and getting all of her shit/cards/everything STOLEN.. (I'm pretty sure she literally did babysitting to join my workshop where I taught her high ticket).... to $11k in sales IN LITERALLY ONE WEEK of mentoring just through my high ticket sales workshop (she’s now 1:1 with so - YA KNOW, SHIT’S ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN). For all of these women.

And I’m not saying this the way most people use income to talk themselves up online.


Because it’s not just about the income they hit every month.

> It’s about the fact that they provide for their families.. spend more time with them.. without money being a struggle.

> It’s about the fact that they’ll be a be able to adopt and care for that rescue dog they fell in love with (right Demi?) ;)

> It’s about the fact that they can travel the world. See all that life has to offer, experience all that life has to offer.

> And it's about the fact that I know they will be passing on my knowledge and experience and helping other women do the same.

It's my life's honor. To be a mentor to not just these women - but all the women I've helped.


So if you’ve EVER felt the urge to work with me.. (but aren't quite ready for 1:1)

I created a new offer (literally this morning) that was inspired by Rachel Avalon who told me she needed something like this - YOU NEED, I CREATE! :) 



2 Weeks, Massive fucking action + results.

Why do I want to do this?

- I can see where people have massive fucking potential and LITERALLY just need an extra booster from me in order to increase their results/income/confidence.

- There are also a few people who I know want to work with me 1:1 but who aren't quite there yet in terms of being ready for the investment - this is my way of helping you get there and us seeing if we are a good fit for longer term 1:1

- It feels fun/was an inspired and aligned idea. :D

Who is it for?

- It’s not for everyone. I’m not trying to go spending all my hours with people who don’t wanna do the work. It’s only people who are ready to do exactly what I say and lean all in to get the results quickly.

- People who already have some success/an audience and are looking for a booster.

- People who want quick results, are feeling stuck, needing guidance, but aren’t ready for a longer term 1:1 mentor quite yet for whatever reason.

- Application only. I want this to be for people that I can grow quickly and then continue working with 1:1 - #100womento100k baby!!

What’s included?

- 2 1:1 Intensive Sessions where we dig into what’s not working, where things need to shift (most likely - where you’re holding back out of fear on pricing, launching, and promoting as well as the confidence to do so), and a list of action items to implement to increase your income and *FULFILLMENT* in your biz quickly.

- 2 Weeks of daily Voxer Coaching where we’ll be talking daily and I’ll help you implement all the steps/action items we outline, and help you stop sabotaging the fuck out of yourself.

- Feedback on any sales pages, posts, sales convos.. I'm yours for 2 weeks!

Examples of results within 2 weeks or less clients have received after having an intensive session/voice messaging coaching with me:

> Going from a low cost $97 program; to selling out all spots in a $2000 Mastermind and having a $12k launch.

> Raising their 1:1 price from $2500 to $10,000 and getting their first $10k client.

> Giving up sales calls, implementing a new aligned launch/sales strategy that we created together, and having her FIRST launch at $20,000.

> Getting their first $20,000 client with one simple strategy/suggestion.

> Hitting their first $32k month.

> Having their first group program launch at $20k.

> Hitting $18k in their first two months of A NEW BUSINESS (after pivoting from an old business that wasn’t profitable)

And I could go on.



Today’s the day to reach out.

My mission is 100 women to 100k.

Let’s figure out if you’re one of them.

Message me privately to apply. <3


Christie Bailey