5 REASONS WHY PEOPLE IGNORE YOUR CONTENT, AND YOU - ONLINE (except those 3 likes from your mom, sister, and best friend.)

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💡 5 REASONS WHY PEOPLE IGNORE YOUR CONTENT, AND YOU - ONLINE (except those 3 likes from your mom, sister, and best friend.) 🙈

If you look at the last 5 posts by online coaches or service providers in your newsfeed, the MAJORITY of them will have 2-3 likes at most. [Go look, seriously!]

❌ The first one on my newsfeed starts with the word “I” and is centered around the person herself as a coach.
❌ The second is about a family vacation she took.
❌ The third is someone bitching about haters.
❌ The fourth is about a tv show.
❌ The fifth is someone posting a random status asking people to join her group with no reason why.

➡️ ❗️Here are the specific reasons why I didn’t read past the first line of these posts (and why apparently, no one else did either.)

1. People don’t care about you and how great you are. They care about what you can do for them, and if it’s not abundantly clear - they lose interest.

2. People also don’t particularly care about your personal life (unless it’s clear how it relates to something they want) - and if the first line of the post is telling them you went on a family vacation - they lose interest. Even if the rest of your post has value, they’ll never read it. And you’ll never get the potential lead.

3. People don’t want to be a part of your negativity if it doesn’t somehow relate to what you can do for them and again, is abundantly clear.

4. People scan for posts that can help them solve whatever problem they’re currently having in their business. TV show? Nope. They’re onto the next.

5. People won’t do what you ask them to do without you proving your value and establishing trust. Establishing trust = making it clear you understand their struggles, that you can offer them value. THEN, maybe, they might join.

6. There’s no clear call to action to do anything. People need to be compelled to action, and most people who think they are promoting are BARELY doing so and certainly not in a clear, obvious way.

The reason people ignore your content isn’t rocket science.
🤓 It’s basic human psychology.

✅ People are self-centered and need to know how you can help them ASAP, like legit, from the first line of the post. (Again, basic human instinct to self-preserve and survive.)

✅ People’s brains are trained to filter content that’s too confusing or seems unrelated to solving their problem, or helping them attain their primary desire.

✅ People’s primary desires always are around surviving and thriving: AKA, if they don’t see how your service can help them earn or save more money, have more sex/love, sleep more, have more time, or eat - they’re just not going to give a damn.

✅ People’s brains are trained to constantly improve and solve THEIR problems. They don’t wanna hear about yours (unless, you got it, it’s clear how it relates to solving their own in a concise way.)

Let me make it really clear how this post will help you survive and thrive.

If you don’t start learning how your ideal clients think, and make buying decisions …
you will continue to post without engagement and potential client inquiries.
❗️which means that sales will continue to be a problem for you.
❗️which means that a lack of income will continue to be a problem for you.
❗️which means that it will be a struggle to live off of your business.


Then you don’t have a mindset problem, a website problem, a follower count problem.

You have a lack of sales knowledge.
And you need to study up.

Selling is part of everything you do in life and business. And it does NOT make you a bad person to learn how to do so. 👯🔥

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Christie Bailey