Your Fear To Do List



When you are afraid take action because there is an outcome you are afraid of - not taking action, PRODUCES THE OUTCOME, THAT YOU ARE AFRAID OF.

> Not launching the course because you’re afraid no one will buy; means that no one will buy.

> Not promoting the offer you know you need to, because you're afraid no one will buy and you'll end up running out of money; MEANS THAT NO ONE WILL BUY AND YOU WILL RUN OUT OF MONEY.

> Not creating a financial plan for yourself because you’re afraid that you won’t have money or don’t have enough; means that you won’t have enough.

> Not saying I love you because you’re be vulnerable and could end up alone; means that you’ll be vulnerable and probably end up alone.

> Not quitting the job because you’re afraid of what other people might think and then you’ll end up outcasted and alone; means that you’re probably already outcasted and alone not living your true purpose.

> Not sharing the message you know you need to share because you’re afraid that others will shame you and outcast you and therefore you might end up alone; means that you will end up alone without connecting, without impacting.

We dig our own graves, with a shovel called fear.
And then we die a little more each day - getting a little more stuck - a little more blind to what exists on the other side of our fear.

The life we want. The results we want. The impact we want. The love we want.

Fear is a compass..
to everything that we need to do

to live on purpose.
and it’s time to move TOWARD IT

instead of living each day in ignorance; anxiety; and lies.

Do what you know you need to do.


Write down the three things you're most afraid of right now.
And do one thing that moves you towards them.

Christie Bailey