Being A Truly Transformative Mentor


BEING A TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE MENTOR (the kind that clients refer people to, who obsess over you, whose love for you knows no end).. means that you first need to transform yourself.

TRANSFORMATION; in it’s essence - requires FAILURE.

And when you do not act.
When you do not launch.
When you do not gain experience by STARTING.
When you do NOTHING; out of fear of what others might think..

Or even (and especially when) when you sit around and write posts; bashing people who want to start on their mentoring path, and must yes, ADVERTISE THEIR MENTORING SERVICES, in order to BEGIN..

You are failing to focus on the one thing that would make YOU.. a transformational mentor.

Making a difference.
Learning from your mistakes (made possible only because you acted).
Doing it better.
Doing it EVEN better.

Becoming great.
Becoming greater.
STILL making mistakes.
Still learning.
Becoming truly… transformational, in the lives of others; as well as yourself.

It’s the path to mastery.

People don’t just jump from 0 - 100. You don’t need to be at 100 to start.
Start by teaching people to take the steps you just took - if you’re just beginning.
And continue, by focusing on what truly matters.

Making a difference for others, in any way that you can.
AND YEAH; asking for compensation for your work and your gifts.. which only adds to the transformation.

Christie Bailey