Surrender Your Control Freak Shit


πŸ’₯ SURRENDER YOUR CONTROL FREAK SHIT.. you're chokeholding your business, income, and most importantly, your life. πŸ’₯

You know you need to let the fuck go and surrender:

.... when you wake up in the morning to journal and read to find the perfect inspirational idea for your next program so you can launch so you can make money. πŸ˜¬

(Instead of simply doing it to reconnect to yourself, because you love it and it lights you up. << THAT is how you find the inspirational program ideas anyways.. when you're not seeking them.)

.... when you're editing your post 15 fucking times instead of letting your soul put it all out there. πŸ’©

(Instead of trusting that the message that needs to come through.. will come through. Imperfect is even better. People buy from humans; not robots.)

.... when you aren't letting yourself have any fucking fun. Staring at your computer all day, willing something to happen. πŸ€“

(Instead of realizing that living your life, having fun, and letting GO actually opens you up to recieve more .. it's a literal opening, instead of a closed off chokeholding that you do when you allow yourself to do NOTHING.)

.... when you realize that you've been scrolling Facebook + IG for an hour, desperately searching for your next book, looking for a magical answer to why you feel stuck. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

(When really, if you just let the fuck go, you'd realize that YOU ARE THE ANSWER; you HAVE the answers; you KNOW the how and have taken the 384530 courses/freebies/other shit to know what you could do next. It's just time to shut up and listen and let your soul nudge you to the next step.)

.... when you avoid launching and selling that program that's been on your heart and mind FOREVER; and the idea is starting to get stale. πŸ™Š

(Instead of trusting your gut in the fact that you got this program idea for a REASON, and it needs to be put out in the world as soon as you get the nudge to.. which ALWAYS leads to the income as opposed to hesitating and never acting AKA NO SALES.)

Letting go means trust and faith in YOU.
It means SURRENDERING THE OUTCOME; while at the same time, knowing deep down in your heart that it's *definitely* yours.

That success that you know is meant for you.

It's just a knowing.
An undeniable truth in your body..

Trust it.
Surrender to it.
Listen for the next steps.

Recieving more abundance, more money, more love, more joy, more fun, MEANS THAT YOU NEED TO BE OPEN TO IT. πŸ™πŸ»

Controlling shit is the LITERAL closing off of your heart body and mind; trying to tell yourself there's ONLY ONE POSSIBLE WAY.

When really, all you're doing is blinding yourself to the opportunities to get to the outcome you want; that you never even saw before.

Let go.
Let go.
Let. the. fuck. go.




Come join meee for:


For boss babes who know it’s time to let the fuck go of anxiety, overwhelm, and too much grinding for grinding's sake (and NOT in the good way), step into FLOW, alllll of the FUNDS, and most of all - FUN.

July 9th, 10AM - 8PM
5 Spots Only
Hosted at a luxury Airbnb by the ocean
In house mani-pedis
Uber eats lunch + mimosas and snacks while we hustle and make sales and FUN happen
Dinner out at a luxury oceanview lounge
1 Week of Voxer follow-up coaching

"Oh no Christie, but I couldn't possibly leave. I have X! I have Y! I have Z! And if I'm NOT staring at my computer for APPROXIMATELY 10 hours a day, it won't work."


I see you - because I was you.

> Choking the fuck out of your business; demanding and searching desperately for the answers to why you feel so uninspired and stuck on your IG/FB feeds.

> Feeling like you've done "ALL THE THINGS" to sell and do biz right; and yet - it's just not working.

> Thinking that if you just launch this podcast; make that one more post and tweak it 15 times; and post in just 5 more FB groups - that you'll GET IT.


The truth is, (and I can SAY this after not being in flow, having anything remotely close to fun, and NOT MAKING ANY MONEY IN MY BUSINESS THE FIRST 6 MONTHS) .. that multiple 6-figures and beyond?

It's gonna start, when you let the fuck go.
When you start living your life.


Do you even know what it's like anymore?

I know it's been so long.

But people buy from people who actually enjoy their lives.

When you LIVE YOUR LIFE, you actually have real shit to write about and have the mental headspace to get motivated and inspired.

And when you work with someone like me, who has experience shifting the FUCK out of my clients within one day like...

- Getting epic sales results like a $5k sale while ON THE TOILET in the AIRPORT after a 1 day retreat.
- Launching a new program within a day WITHOUT SALES CALLS that made 18k in sales
- Taking another client to shoot rifles at a range where she made 3k in sales while literally not doing a damn THING (it's like the universe REWARDED HER for letting the fuck go and I see this happen over and over again)

.. its magic.


Here's just a TASTE of the shit we'll be doing:

- Elevating the fuck out of your energy; no more feeling frozen, stuck, uninspired, (which is contributing to your lack of sales, eeeep.) // I’ll teach you exactly how to step out of anxiety at any time so you can finally see the progress you crave.

- Mapping out aligned as fuck new offers + launch plans (or tweaking your current ones) so that they’re designed to sell outttt

- Teaching you how to sell in a way that is effective and feels AMAZING and easy for you.

- Blowing up anything in your life that’s out of alignment; so that you can start showing up as the POWERFUL AS FUCK leader that you are (like legit I give you specific action items to start building this energy.)

- Follow up action items on the goals we agree on (launching the programs - FINALLY, selling out 1:1, website feedback, really - anything you need your ass fucking kicked on - it's gonna get done here once and for all.)

Send me an email to apply and for the details!


Christie Bailey