At some point, we all evolve from the newbie entrepreneur who is just hoping to make a sale or two..

.. who just wants to 'learn the things' and the 'how' and the 'steps'.

.. who is desperate for the sales, because deep down she still feels she isn't *quite* good enough yet.

.. who keeps trying to "prove" to everyone else she can make it.. by finally getting to that income goal; only to find that she never actually got the feeling of satisfaction and "good enough" she thought she'd find.

.. who keeps buying all of the courses, making the tiny investments, rather than following soul desired investment intuition.

.. shes avoiding her finances entirely, not saving taxes, not managing her money, not bookkeeping, not saving.

She's focused on the doing.
And completely has forgotten about the BEING.

Because it is truly the BEING work.. aka the work to be done to become truly WEALTHY.. that will build you a multiple 6-figure empire.

You cannot become a multiple 6-figure business owner, while still BEING a hobbypreneur playing in the sandbox.

The WEALTHY woman?

.. she lives her life fully; because she knows that in order to achieve the wealth that she desires, she needs to give herself all of the freedom, self-love, excitement, and fulfillment she thinks she would have at 1 million (or whatever goal)... she gives that to herself NOW. Fun and play always.

.. she looks at her finances DAILY; she is highly money conscious and focuses a portion of her morning on creating the energy and vibration of massive wealth.

.. she is constantly saying YES to her soul desires; no matter how scary that financial decision might be.

.. she's willing to take risks. She would never fucking DREAM of making an excuse not to follow soul desires. And where other people (hobbypreneurs) would say - "let me manifest the money" - she would never even imagine approaching someone without fully knowing that she's going to do whatever the fuck it takes to make it happen. She gets that risk requires action and there is no way around it. 

.. she puts herself out there DAILY; multiple times a day. She does. the. fucking. work. And doesn't ask for permission, doesn't ask for a step by step rundown of how to make a sales page. She's figuring it the fuck out as she goes.

.. she sets high as fuck standards for herself, and for her clients. She understands that being a high-level mentor and CEO means that she must be selective about who she allows into her circles.

.. they don't struggle for the sake of struggle. They let business be fun as fuck, and easy, WHILE STILL DOING ALL OF THE WORK. Loving the work.

.. she has a badass, soulmate team, and refuses to try to do it all on her own out of a pride / control freak thing. Therefore, she is able to get even more and more done.

.. she has full faith and TRUST. She knows that when she lives her life in ALIGNMENT; saying yes to all of the above.. that all of the BEST program ideas / promo ideas / content ideas .. aka all of the MONEY.. comes to her. She isn't trying to control it. She has surrendered the control of the path to the outcome she desires.

They're two VERY different places.
We've all been the hobbypreneur.

And I'm stating it here - I'm only working with women who are ready to be WEALTHY, CEO, POWERHOUSE WOMEN.

I'm not fucking here to help you make some money online and teach you marketing rules and how to do sales pages.

I'm here to make you the CEO of your life..
I'm here to help you become the most powerful fucking person you know..
I'm here to help you become truly fucking WEALTHY..
And I'm here to help you call your soulmate clients the fuck in

Because we've got money to make, lives to change, empires to build.

I'm opening up my 1:1, highest level Mastermind.


The women in this Mastermind/1:1 are of the wealthy women mentality described above. They're powerful as fuck.. speaking their truth, calling in multiple 5-figures a month or well on the way (many of them started with me at 0 or just a few thousand dollars).

Here's how it all goes down:
> 2-3 1:1 calls with me a month (whatever you need - this is highest level access to me).
> Voxer - we talk daily.
> Weekly Mastermind coaching calls in the Facebook group
> Access to my team for all tech questions
> Access to all programs I've ever run plus any programs that run while you're with me
> VIP Powerhouse Day in SAN DIEGO end of AUGUST
> Bali Retreat Week the week of August 22nd (2/3x a year plus all VIP days I run are included)

3 month commitment, after that month to month

That's all there is.
Are you a hobbypreneur.. or a wealthy woman?

Christie Bailey