THE REALITY OF SCALING a Coaching/Service Based Biz to 6-Figures

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The REALITY OF SCALING a Coaching/Service Based Biz to 6-Figures

Let me start off this blog by saying - my way to scale may very well NOT be YOUR way. There is no one way to scale. But I want to share my individual experience with you on how I scaled my biz, the lessons I've learned, and how I'm scaling my business NOW.


How I Scaled 

So as a disclaimer - let me make clear that what I'm describing below is legitimately the *how* of how my income scaled. This blog isn't going to go into the other things that also play a role in your ability to scale and sell (your brand story, your messaging/content's effectiveness, the consistency of your content, your sales skills, the aesthetic of your social media platforms, your offers, etc... that's like, 15 other blog posts for 15 other days.)

But anyways, let's get to it.

To be honest, I didn’t start my business coaching business off with the intention of “scaling in xyz amount of time.”

I was just so obsessed with online business, marketing, and sales - that all I actually wanted was to be able to talk about and teach my passion to people who wanted to listen. Did I hope to make money? Hell yes! But it wasn’t what fueled me.

At the time, I had a fitness coaching business and a pretty big fitness account where I was sponsored by some larger companies. I wasn’t making shit.. and hence, I started taking some online courses (one on sales, one on creating courses).

I also had started to do a lot of research at the time on high ticket sales, learning what I could from others who were doing the same. 

Around July of 2017, I decided to start a online business support group for fitness coaches who wanted to make more money (scratch that, actually be able to SURVIVE) from their businesses. I knew what it was like to be rich in followers, but broke at the bank.

My passion for business was something that I was willing to give away for free. I ran free challenges, individually reached out and helped the people in my group (around 20 or so at the time) - educating them on what mistakes to avoid, what I was learning in MY courses I was taking (with my own flair/opinion, of course), and giving them support and encouragement as they encountered fears.

Over time I knew that I needed to be real with myself, and one person in particular, told me that he wanted me to be his coach.

He knew exactly where I was at in my business - I didn’t have to lie or pretend to have testimonials. He was genuinely SO grateful to have my help and support, and had begun to see little wins from the advice I was giving.

Did I KNOW that doing the above stuff would get me my first client? No. But intuition told me so. I just knew I needed to help others.

He signed with me at $4,500.

The next month, I raised my prices to $5,000. (Idk why I charged $4,500 to begin with, maybe I was afraid that he’d figure out I was really charging $5,000?!??! hahaha). 

I signed 2 more clients as I was traveling in Bali.

The month after that, I decided to launch my first group program, leading people through the step by step process of starting their own fitness coaching business. That launch was around $24,000 - with people purchasing at $3,500.

I was scared shitless no one would sign up.. but I swore to myself that month that I’d just go with my gut on all decisions around the launch, and say fuck it to the launching online marketing rules.

The next month, it was $30,000 from more sales in that program and 1:1 (prices that I increased to $10,000). I only had 400 people in my group at the time.

So essentially - my business was scaled with High Ticket. I didn’t have a huge audience to sell to, so while I could have made the same amount with lower ticket offers, I really enjoyed working with people 1:1 and personally.. and plus, I didn’t have the audience. 

I was only selling in my tiny Facebook group, up to that point.

The next month my prices increased again for 1:1, and I relaunched the same program as it had gotten people such amazing results the first time around. All the sales were completely spontaneous and unexpected.. I didn’t even know I was going to relaunch until I had a random premonition about it and just did a 3 day livestream training series and promoted my program at the end. That was a $60k WEEK.

It wasn’t until months later, that I started doing lower end workshops and bootcamps just for fun.


Here are some things I wish I would have known..

  • I wasn't expecting my income to go down ever. I thought I should be invincible and if I ever made less than the month before, that I wasn't worthy. In reality, my income varies every month around that mark (so far)- it hasn’t all been one linear curve upwards. Sometimes you just get in fucking funks and sometimes you are figuring shit out and working on backend stuff. IT’S LIFE.


  • And while yes my business scaled very quickly, I feel that I almost wasn't mentally prepared for that amount of income. I conveniently forgot about saving for taxes, getting my financial shit in order, and pretty much anything else that wasn't related to making sales or growing my biz online.


  • Building a biz is an emotional rollercoaster in the beginning. Success can be really overwhelming, and if you're not careful, you'll sabotage it. Our brains aren't equipped to handle huge amounts of change, from a biological perspective, we're wired to only tolerate small changes to keep ourselves "safe" aka a comfort zone. Make sure you meditate, have a good morning routine, take time for your LIFE.. and don't sit in front of a computer 24/7.


  • I definitely could have chosen to scale and ‘systemize’ in one of those random 6 & 7 figure formulas you see constantly see on FB Ads.. but it would have gone against my soul. Every move I’ve made in my business has come out of a gut feeling, has been a result of speaking and writing my unfiltered truth, making programs that I believe will help people, and taking serious fucking action every day.


How I'm scaling my business NOW:

I’m only just starting to build funnels and passive products. It's something that used to irritate and annoy me before, that now excites me. I've realized how much value I have to give, and it doesn't always require me to be 'live'.

I’ve gotten my ass back on Instagram and honestly, truly enjoy it. It's an entirely new segment of potential clients that I haven't made the effort to reach before.

I'm hiring more people to my team. Currently I have an incredible business manager (who creates the systems that run my business, such as my customer service, organizes my retreats, social media schedule, launch tasks, and shit, what DOESN'T she do!?), I have a virtual assistant, I have a graphic designer, a brand photographer to keep my photos updated, and soon I'll have a social media manager. To scale faster, you really ONLY should be doing the shit that you LOVE, that produces income. Content creation, program creation, client work, sales.

I'm hiring a financial advisor and legal team to make sure all my bases are covered as I continue to grow.

All of which, can help me scale even further. SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!


How YOU can scale, if you're trying to hit 6-figures:

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily NEED to have all the systems, a website, a huge following, in order to get cash flow in the door. Too often people get caught up in shiny object syndrome like procrastinating on a website for like, a month, and then telling themselves they can't sell anything until their site is up which is shit and they know it. 

It's ok to be afraid, it's not ok to lie to yourself about your fear. You'll keep yourself broke that way.

If you already have a larger following and audience that's engaged and meets your potential client profile (aka, if you have an IG following of 60% dudes, it might be a bit harder to sell, know what I'm sayin? Stop those booty photos please!) ... then you might consider selling both high ticket and low ticket offers. Remember that there's a customer at every price point.

If you don't have a large following yet, then I'd recommend doing what I did and starting a highly engaged, high vibe group where you're giving support and creating relationships, and to start playing around with high ticket sales from there.

Things that will automatically boost the fuck out of your sales if you're ready for these steps:

Hiring a VA. You can outsource more tasks, so that you can focus on moneymaking activities like sales, creating content, showing up live, etc. Stop wasting your time with things that don't bring cash in the door or help your audience.

Hiring a mentor. When I hired my first 1:1 mentor (for $20k! EEEEK) - it was AMAZING to have someone to kick my ass, call out my fucking bullshit excuses, and make me (guide me) on how to do the damn thing anyway. I will never go without a mentor. I could, but why would I wanna ride the strug bus on my own? It changed my whole damn LIFE - and plus, how can you expect people to buy from you if you're not even willing to invest in yourself?!

Getting super unfiltered and confident in your content, giving lots of value, and showing up DAILY. Consistency breeds trust, trust is required for sales. People don't buy from people they don't trust. Understand that the only thing that makes you different from the coach next door, is YOU - so stop trying to fit in and be someone you're fucking not. It's boring. 


But you should consider your income needs.. starting out with low end or passive products when you don’t have an audience doesn’t really make a ton of sense if you’re depending on your biz for your livelihood. 


So basically..

There’s no one way.

There’s only the ALIGNED WAY for YOU. Your specific needs, situation, preferences.

And whichever way you go;

it’s gonna require that you do the fucking work

stay the fucking course (even when things get hard)

and look within for YOUR answers.. not some regurgitated online marketing BS that worked for some guy that one time, because it was aligned for HIM (and now he’s selling it all over FB).


Have you thought about scaling yet? Did you find this blog helpful? Would love to hear your thoughts, pop me a comment below! <3