Woke up late because I spent all night writing a sales page and doing graphic design shit that I actually already hired someone to do but did anyways because #controlfreak. Also a little groggy because I took an edible to fall asleep.

Wrote out my intention to create like 4 different pieces of content which, still hasn’t been done until actually right now (writing a blog).

Drove to the wrong pharmacy to pick up my Adderall (aka why I need adderall #addasfuck) - but decided that I was gonna make my time count and turned on my voice memos and recorded an extra bonus audio training for my High Ticket Bitch Mastermind.

Part of this audio was inspired by a Voxer I got from a client this morning who went through an EXTREMELY traumatic experience with a man and it’s now affecting her business. Talked about how trauma affects our ability to show up and feel safe in moving forward, taking action, upleveling.. stuff people don’t really mention. 

Feeling all the fucking FEELS and GRATITUDE for being able to teach her what I learned through working through my own traumas.. teaching her how to feel SAFE.. so she can move forward, healing those old wounds.

Had a call with my financial advisor (I only avoided him for 3 months because ya know, money bullshit stories) - and it was amazing. Felt so fucking proud of myself for moving forward with him and taking the steps / making the plans to secure my future.

Realized that he was actually working with me not because he’s my boyfriends friend, but because he thinks that I’m a fucking amazing badass client who is also gonna help him make money. Like oh, maybe I’m actually pretty fucking cool and good at what I do and have a super successful biz #impostersyndrome

Realized that I needed to give my graphic designer more direction so he can help me, instead of mini directions here and there. Hiring people to work for you is more than just paying the invoice.. it’s giving them the ability to serve and do a good job, it’s communication, it’s taking the time to ask for what I want and need.

Had a coaching call with one of my mentors who formerly ran CIA training programs and who is helping me to be a better mentor. Talked about all my clients, how to improve my mentoring, and potentially doing a livestream series teaching other people how to become great mentors as well.

Drinking the wine, as I type. 🍷

Giving myself permission, to NOT work anymore, and to go love on my boyfriend, enjoy my time with him, instead of working and feeling like I’ll never have enough time to get everything done.

Just got a text from my brother who I hired to do my meal prep. He notified me that he’s raising his price from $40 to $50, and that there’s a $5 delivery surcharge, and hat he remembered something I told him once, “about how you raised the prices of your classes because you’er worth it and fuck it. I drew my inspiration from you. You gave me this money mindset.” 

Realized I’ve created a monster.🤦🏻‍♀️

Realize I don’t need to “get all the things done” that I thought I needed to do today.😬

Realize that this, is such a beautiful, messy, fucking AMAZING life and journey.

And I’m grateful for every second. 💜

What are your moments in between?
This is the real shit.

Christie Bailey