Obsessing about your body. Obsessing about money. Obsessing about anything.

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Obsessing about your body.. obsessing about money. Obsessing about anything.

This was taken at a time when I was obsessing about both.. but broke. Spiritually and financially. 

On the cover of a magazine, at the top of the still industry, recognized by 34,000 people on Instagram and the readers of this magazine and the 1.2 million followers of the fitness company who got me there.. but still not recognizing myself.

Avoiding who I really was, what I actually wanted to do - so SURE that I couldn’t build a business and a life simply by being ME. Because I was ashamed of me. I was avoiding me. It felt like this constant desire to prove myself, never being enough, always trying to win shit to be okay. 

Making lots of horrible sabotagey choices in love, money, business, friendships, LIFE. 

It’s not different.

It’s all the same avoidance of your soul. Avoidance of the truth.
Avoidance of looking within - to the trauma, the hurt, the abuse, the lack of self worth.

It’s a band aid, an addictive fix. 

“If only I lost 2 more pounds. If only I had made $20,000 more dollars.”

THEN I would be okay.

But you never really are.. are you?
Because you always feel empty inside after you achieve that next goal.

Because you’ve had the body, the money, the love - and you let it fly out of your fingers faster than you got it.

Sabotaging.. well really, self protecting.

Because if you never stop obsessing over your need for MORE and BETTER.. then you’ll never have to see the shame you feel deep inside.

The feelings of inadequacy stemming from when you were a child.

And so you keep running, on that high frequency of life, never stopping to actually feel yourself, feel your soul, be present, SMILE for gods sake.

“I’ve just gotta do more things, earn more money, look better, get more famous/followers.. THEN I’ll prove everyone wrong. THEN I’ll be okay, and safe, and maybe I can actually look at myself in the mirror again.”

But you don’t... do you?
And you know that.

You know you have the choice, too.

To look within at your truth. 
To feel the pain.
To see your sabotage.. to stare at your self imposed bullshit and limitations.
Because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and affirmations and formulas and ads. 

You have to choose to work on yourself.

You have to choose to teach your heart again, that you are in fact, worthy of being loved, compensated, and appreciated, for exactly who you are.

Which you’ve always known.. but were taught to forget - by an insecure world of people.. trying to find themselves.

And you can choose to say yes to more. To success. To know and FEEL you are worthy at any given moment (not just on payday or after winning a fitness competition or whatever xyz goal you thought would heal you.)

So will you?
It’s the breaking point. You know it. You can feel your heart teetering on the edge.. begging you to TRUST yourself again. 

To make the leap.
To say yes.
To heal your hurt.
To remove your limits.

And welcome in the success.. and massive abundance that you have always known you were meant for.

Will you say yes?
To having it all?
The body and Money and Love sure..
But most of all, the ability to be able to look at yourself and say HELL YES.
Bring on my dream life.
Fuck what anyone says.
I’m grabbing it.


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I love you.

xoxo ,

Christie Bailey