γ€‹π•Šβ„π”Ό ℂ𝔸𝕄𝔼 𝕋𝕆 𝕄𝔼 π”Έπ•Š 𝔸 π•Žπ•†π•„π”Έβ„• 𝕀ℕ π”Όβ„‚π•Šπ•‹π”Έπ•Šπ•.. π•Žπ•€π•‹β„ π•Šβ„π•€π•„π•„π”Όβ„π•€β„•π”Ύ 𝔻ℝ𝔸𝔾𝕆ℕ π•Žπ•€β„•π”Ύπ•Š.γ€Š

β €

It all started two weeks ago, when my inner guidance nudged me to start listening for, and saying yes, to every desire.

That guidance (from here on I’ll refer to this inner GPS as She) .. didn’t come in words. She came in a felt sense of knowing in my body. Which is I suppose, why I refer to Her as a β€˜nudge.’ 

At first it was small desires that I attended to:

β‡’ My favorite cafe for breakfast.

β‡’ Reading a new book.

β‡’ Buying essential oils at whole foods because I felt like it. 

β‡’ Ordering a pizza.

β‡’ Ordering outfit that I had never let myself get before (a cheetah print romper.. a backless red bodysuit.. a thong bikini..)

And let me add the caveat that I always checked in with myself before saying yes to a desire. 

(Was this a true soul desire? Did it feel like it was coming from love, rather than fear / ego / a need to please others?)

I even felt called one day to turn off my phone, turn off my clocks, and ONLY follow desires. 


》What happened next was incredible. γ€Š

It was like my soul could trust me now.. She sensed that I was ready to shed old desires that were never mine to begin with. So she began to show me what to let go of…

β‡’ Expectations of what a romantic relationship has to look like.

β‡’ Mentoring relationships that no longer energetically fit with me and felt wrong.

β‡’ Old clothing that hid my sexiness. I literally cut up an ugly old blazer from my corporate days on a livestream in my group program. LOL.

β‡’ Monetary goals created from a proving / ego-centric place.

β‡’ Sales and marketing coaching. (Yes this has been my entire business for the last year and a half.)

β‡’ The β€œgoal” of speaking on stage and writing books because I felt it had to be the next step. (Certainly in the future this is possible and probable - but this isn’t my goal right now.)

What’s fascinating is that as I continued to allow myself to release desires, I began to see how I had judged myself and compared myself to β€˜leaders’ in this industry.

How I had made what they had my β€œgoals” - when in reality I didn’t even want what they had, or the life they had.

None of them have the life I want.

Because none of them are me.

And that’s the scary thing,

because I have no role models for the desires I’ve discovered to be mine.

And the people I’m drawn to learn from?

They are quiet yet powerful women - who have nothing to do with my old niche or business.

They are healers.

Spiritual guiders, psychics, intuitives.


They are on the path I have set out on.

The divine feminine awakening.

And it’s been liberating to release all these old ways of doing and being.


》Now… back to the dragon wings. γ€Š

Like I said - as I began to follow desires, and pursue pleasure in my life in all forms, things began to shift quickly.

The most profound of which was a moment in the bathtub.. 

I was meditating - candles lit, soft music playing …

and I could not only feel Her;

(I’d felt Her twice before - in hot yoga)

but I could see Her.

she was voluptuous;

she was beautiful;

her arms raised above her head,

as if reaching for the sky..

her head slightly tilted back

in ecstasy.

And the most beautiful, shimmering dragon wings..

blues, greens, purples - almost like a butterfly’s..

but it was unmistakably,

a dragon woman.

I was entranced.


I knew that I knew that I knew.

That She was IT.

She was me.

She was calling me into the next phase of my life..

the next phase of womanhood..

asking me to do the work to heal myself;

and to begin helping other women heal.

I didn’t think much about the fact She came as a dragon..

until a few days ago when I felt the sudden urge to google:

β€œDragon divine feminine awakening”


and of course;

the appearance of a dragon?

a symbol of divine feminine awakening.


》So while I still have no idea WHAT THE EFF is going on;

I’ve totally released and surrendered to this process. γ€Š

And new things are happening every day.

✢ I’ve begun to do energy healings and when doing so my body reacts in incredible ways - I find myself physically processing the stuck emotions of the person or animal; sometimes in tears, shaking .. sometimes in the form of outpouring love in my heart.. it varies. I’ve never done this kind of healing before.

✢ During my trip to San Francisco this past weekend, I kept feeling drawn to a woman who works for my partner, Zach and I didn’t know why. She asked me to heal her. I told her I didn’t know what would happen but we could go there.

She began to release, years.. years of repressed emotion and sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. I held her. I held space for her.

This tough woman, with an exterior hardened by years of mistreatment from herself and others; 

This tough woman, who had not shed a tear until that night we had.

This tough woman, who had never spoken of the injustices done to her.

This tough woman, who learned to heal through releasing.

This tough woman, who learned to welcome and support other females in her space rather than compete with them, and learned the potential of mutual healing. 

[And meanwhile in the back of my mind I’m freaking the fuck out because what the hell do I know about this kind of healing work? …. and also, deeply knowing that God would give me the training plan.]

✢ My partner Zach sending me to a physical therapist .. who upon meeting me, offers me a tea with the name β€˜Awakened Goddess’ without knowing anything about me or my journey these last few weeks.

She then of course proceeded to tell me that she’d been in a priestess school for a year, was on her own divine feminine awakening journey, and also does the energy healings I’ve found myself naturally doing.


I cannot explain what’s happening to me;

other than that this is the path I’m meant to be on.

I know the work I’m meant to do in this world for women.

I know I’m meant to make sexuality, sensuality, success, SAFE AGAIN for women.

I know I’m meant to be a healer in a huge way.

I didn’t ask for this…

but I gratefully receive it.

My goal in my life is no longer for the most income, the most fame, the most notoriety online ..

it is only,

and simply, 

to honor this knowing inside of me;

the feminine leader emerging;

to let go of everything I thought I knew;

so that I can do the work I was sent here on Earth to complete.


I have let go of all sales and marketing coaching.

The only way I now work with clients is through the Mastermind I run with Zach, where we do 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and healing retreats over a period of 6 months.

This transformation container is not for someone who is seeking business coaching so please remove that association from your headspace about me.

This work that Zach and I are doing is for the woman who reads the above and feels the truth;

who too, knows that the only way to live her life from here on out;

is by honoring and exploring this path

of healing 

of sacred feminine

of the innate power we each hold as women

of a level of deep inner connection you have never known before

of honoring your sacred sensuality and power

of calm groundedness and magnetic, divine energy that pulls others toward you in both a romantic, business, and familial sense.

… And yes, ultimately, leads to the success you know you are meant for (that will always be true). The abundance. The soul work dispersed all over the world, to those who need it most. The deep connection and partnerships you crave.

This is what is available to you, when you begin the journey with us.

》Zach and I are taking on four women in this space.

Please DM me if you feel the truth in your soul, that you are meant to be here with us. γ€Š


Christie Bailey