I remember the first time I read about Breast Implant Illness, two years ago.

I was in the grocery store flipping through a fitness magazine when I found an article by a former fitness competitor who described how the quality of her life and health started to slowly, and then rapidly slip away. How she had tried every conceivable test, seen every conceivable doctor, to figure out why her health was suddenly declining.

I remember feeling a little nudge - and thinking “yeah, I probably need to get these implants out. But maybe in a year or two. I’m fine right now.”

I remember throughout this year, seeing other influencers post about removing their breast implants and their experience with breast implant illness.

The universe was trying to help me see what I needed - but didn’t want to see. 


About a month ago, my health - which had been declining all year - had reached an all time low - and I just remember praying and asking God to help me understand what was happening with my body. 

The symptoms I was / still am experiencing are:

• The chronic fatigue that had me wake up exhausted, and wanting to go to bed by noon.

• The brain fog that left me unable to think, plan, or write or create the way I used to for my business - let alone other priorities in my life.

• The crippling anxiety for absolutely no reason. Which I just attributed to me moving across the country.

• The depression and suicidal thoughts that I have never had before. Which I just believed was because of all the new changes in my life.

• The chronic back and shoulder pain that did not go away no matter how much I foam rolled, took a break from working out, did twice weekly acupuncture and cupping, got massages. Which I just chalked up to years of lifting weights.

• The gut health + gastrointestinal issues.

• The lack of concentration / focus.

• Memory loss and mixing up words.

• Insomnia at night, waking up repeatedly, increased urination.

• Developing an intolerance to gluten that I have also never had before.

• Constantly dull, bloodshot eyes.

• Occasional shooting pains in my left arm and breast.

I had done a full panel of bloodwork with a holistic doctor - and it showed everything was normal when I was clearly not. I began taking multiple different medications to try to help my cognitive state - which did very little. I’d gone to therapy weekly. I’d hired coaches. I’d completely changed my diet with the help of a coach. I was exercising regularly. Meditating daily. Resting a LOT. When I say I tried EVERYTHING, I really mean that.

Every time I would exert a lot of energy - mental or physical - for example, with launching something in my business, it was like from one day to the next I’d go from on fire to exhausted in bed and unable to think, and those fatigue episodes sometimes lasted weeks.

What’s fascinating is that despite all these symptoms - they had become SUCH a normal part of my everyday life - and being someone who has traditionally ‘pushed through it’ to get the results - that hustle mentality - that’s what I tried to keep doing, and ignoring the symptoms. I didn’t understand how to listen to my body.

Which is honestly, why I feel it took me so long to figure out what the fuck was going on.


So, yes.. God did answer. I had briefly seen on my feed a video by Emily Duncan - someone I knew from my time with and her experience with BII. Again, I dismissed it and scrolled past.

Until 3 days later I literally heard a whisper, a little nudge - “Look up the symptoms of breast implant illness.”

That little voice has never steered me wrong.

I remember just fucking crying my eyes out. Partially of sadness, that I had put these toxic chemicals in my body in the first place at a time where I hadn’t truly loved myself, and partially - I was crying of relief. I had an answer. I had a pathway to recovery.


Needless to say, this has been one of the most influential years of my entire life. I have learned to love myself in a deeper way than I EVER imagined possible - mentally, spiritually, emotionally. I have learned to give myself love and compassion and patience - and to put myself first before ANYTHING, any TROPHY, any ONE, any ACHIEVEMENT. So it’s only fitting that it’s also time to get the implants out - and to truly return to the state that I was always intended to be in.

Not all women will struggle with BII - but then again, I didn’t until my symptoms suddenly worsened this year. Toxins and chemicals build up over time and the immune systems begins to go into panic mode. Lol. 

There are entire sites and resources dedicated to educating people on the different studies, and FDA regulations, as well as lawsuits against implant manufacturers. This isn’t the purpose of this post. If you want a scientific explanation, there’s a great blog post by Emily Duncan I’ll link in the comments below, and if you’re interested in some of the studies that have been done and a more general overview, there’s a great video by Karissa Pukas that I’ll also link below.

The only way to know for sure if you have BII, and the only way to reduce symptoms if it is - is to remove your implants. 

Today I scheduled my explant surgery, for November 14th. I really hate the idea of waiting so long but you all would not BELIEVE the waiting lists that explant experts have - some, 6 months out or more. This isn’t just a random occurrence with a few women here and there anymore - people are waking up.

Writing this post.. well, it’s been a long time coming - and to be honest I didn’t even feel like sharing this, but one thing has NOT changed although so much else with my health and life this year have - and that is my purpose and desire to share so that others can learn from what I’m going through too.

Because if women like Manifestation Babe, Karissa Pukas, Courtney King, Emily Duncan, and more had not shared their stories - I would never have put two and two together and who knows how much longer these symptoms would have gone on for me.

I always tell my clients - no matter how many people like your post, or comment - SOMEONE out there needs to hear your message. And you might make the difference for them.

So this post, is that. And while this may not be the case for EVERY woman with implants, it is the case for SO many women and the more aware that people are that this condition exists - the more years of women’s lives we’ll save.



Christie Bailey