Advice for New Fitpreneurs

Advice for New Fitpreneurs.jpg

Starting my online coaching business was one of the scariest, hardest, yet most rewarding and exciting decisions I ever made. When I first started, I was entirely alone, no mentor or community, and learned many lessons the hard way. 

And now that I have created a mentoring community to help aspiring fitpreneurs who are in the position I was not long ago, I wanted to write this post...

So, if I could go back in time to my first few months trying to build my business, here’s what I would say to myself:

Christie, you are capable of building a profitable, amazing business that changes lives, and allows you the freedom to travel anywhere in the world, working from your laptop. >> But, you have to stop assuming that just because you know about fitness, that you automatically know how to run an online business.

Christie, your social media following number and whether or not you are affiliated with any brand has no immediate significance on your earning potential. >> Stop focusing on trying to build your follower count, and start providing valuable, insightful, and authentic posts that change people’s lives. THEN, they will start coming to you for advice and help and actually WANT to hire you, because you’ve already proven your value.

Christie, just because influencers you look up to charge $150 a month, doesn’t mean you should. >> In fact, many popular online fitness coaches have no idea how to run an online business, and they’re struggling.

Christie, stop trying to figure this online business thing out on your own. Unlike with fitness, where it didn’t matter how long it took you to self-learn, you quit your job and legit have bills to pay, so stop being so stubborn. >> Hire an effing business coach already and learn from someone who has done what you want to do. They’ll literally teach you step by step, saving you MONTHS, maybe even years. You’ll earn the money back quickly.

Christie, you don’t have to do freaking YOUTUBE to be successful. You don’t have to take booty pics to be successful. You don’t have to be affiliated with a supplement company to be successful. You don’t even have to have other influencer friends to be successful. >> You need to build a community and a tribe of loyal, raving fans who love you, and what you do for them. They will be the reason for your success, and it doesn’t take more than 100 of these people to start selling programs that will become the main source of your income.

Christie, stop doing shit you don’t like to do in your biz, and listen to your intuition. >> Don’t do one on one fitness coaching if you hate it. Don’t do youtube if you hate it. Don’t post 3x per day of insubstantial, valueless posts just because you think you have to. You will only find success once you start staying true to yourself, the way your best like to work, and your values.

Christie, stop being a perfectionist. Your perfectionism and your habit of staring at your computer all day “getting shit done” - only to end the day not even knowing what you got accomplished - are  self limiting beliefs that are holding you back. >> Stop choosing to accept the belief that you are not worthy, and your services are not good enough, because of your fears. Get over this, and you’re literally going to see your business explode (aka you’re going to start having multiple 5k DAYS, whereas you used to feel lucky to earn 2k in a month). Just take action.

Christie, stop being afraid to be who you truly are. Share authentically. Be vulnerable. Don’t be scared of sharing the struggles you went through. >> Your authenticity will turn out to be the very reason people want to hire you to help them on their business journey.

At the end of the day, this past year of building my business has been one of the CRAZIEST, most lesson-filled years of my life. My struggles have become my strengths. I now am able to lead people through these same struggles, so that they can reach the same success. It has quite literally become the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

So if you're where I was, and any of this resonates with you, make sure you check out my free resources to help you start out your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot!