Attracting Insane Abundance (And Getting Rid of Hole-y Underwear)

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I remember a very particular day, where I had the desire to go to the mall and buy myself some new underwear and workout clothes. And I mean it was NECESSARY - most of my underwear had holes, and I was just getting back to the gym after a few months off...

But that little anti-abundance voice in my head screamed; "NO - you don't need to be spending money on that right now. You can go without it. There are other things to spend it on. You should save."

And I felt some serious inner turmoil about this.

I mean for fuck sake, I needed those things. But there was a, niggling, inherent belief that I was still clinging onto:

I was operating out of a belief that spending my money, meant that I would never get it back. As if there was a limit on how much I could ever earn in a lifetime, and spending my money now would mean that I get poorer.


But I'm sure, that no matter where you are in your biz or life, you've experienced this feeling.

It's the OPPOSITE of abundance. It's called SCARCITY/LACK. It can hit no matter how much money you make. And it'll cause you to sabotage your financial situation if you don't take a closer look.

So let's talk about shifting out of that hellhole of a mindset...



Attracting abundance means that you need to let go of your scarcity-based beliefs. In my case, it meant getting a little bit pissed at myself. I mean really though, I'm not allowed to wear underwear that doesn't have holes?! It's insanity. 

It's a metaphor that goes beyond the need for some intact underwear.

It applies to everything in your life. Each time you say NO to a desire that would make your life a bit easier, you're essentially affirming the lack-based belief that no, you don't deserve that. And soon it's not just underwear. It's the VA in your biz (and so you keep doing all of the tedious admin shit yourself and never have time to focus on the activities that would help you scale, like oh idk, selling, creating programs/content, showing up live, etc.). Soon, it's the cheaper mentor, who actually doesn't end up helping you grow the way you want to, because they aren't as experienced as someone who has been in the game longer.

Just thinking of examples here.

And also, if you think about it, why would somebody in a lack-based mindset believe they don't deserve things that make their life better?

  • Society has told them it's wrong to buy too many things you desire. Or, desire in general. Throughout history we've seen how people who pursue their desires get punished. It's rooted in the human psyche.
  • Your upbringing, if your family was constantly making it a positive thing to forgo desires. I know for me, we didn't buy things if they weren't on sale, big purchases were frowned upon, agonized over.
  • Deep rooted, unresolved traumas that affect self-worth. If you have a deep, subconscious belief that because of whatever happened to you, that you somehow are not deserving of what you desire. If you've learned that saying yes to desires is wrong.

I truly don't believe that most of my audience would ever consciously CHOOSE that type of belief-system. And my purpose in this post is to help you consciously SHIFT out of your lack-based mindset.

Operating out of lack sends out the energetic signal that you are closed off. You believe there is a finite amount of money, that the ability to make money is limited, and that making too much money is wrong and might isolate you from the people you care about.

When you believe these things to be true - they are true.Your beliefs are directly responsible for the reality you currently live in.

Take a look at the belief systems that run your life, and ask yourself if they're a reflection of what you currently have in your life, especially in the terms of abundance.

You think earning, talking about, or spending money is bad?

Then don't fucking be surprised if you don't receive much of it.

As human beings we're wired to AVOID, both consciously and subconsciously, that which we perceive to hurt us. So of course, if you believe money hurts, money is bad, money isolates, you won't be taking the action you need to take to receive it.

It might look like you're not selling, not promoting, not even making up OFFERS. It might look like spending all of it as soon as you receive it because you believe having too much money is wrong. This is how our beliefs show up in our lives and sabotage the fuck out of our money situations.



So, what to do if you have some shitty ass money beliefs that you KNOW are affecting your current reality?


Well step ONE, identify them. You can't change what you don't know.

  • What are your current limiting, fear-based beliefs around money? 

Step TWO, change them. And change them daily.

  • What abundance-based beliefs do you need to replace these with?


Changing your beliefs is a DECISION, and it's also a daily practice. You don't just get to write them down once in your journal and be done with it. Sometimes, you'll need to be calling this shit in every single day. It's work.

But it's the REAL work (unlike frantically staring at your computer screen and obsessing over what offer could make you the most money.. which you guessed it, ain't gonna attract money. Desperation attracts, well, nothing. Desperation. Other broke people stuck in a scarcity mindset. DUH.)


  • BEING (or stepping into being) the PERSON who has an abundance mindset, what abundance-based actions would you now take, to support your new beliefs?


In the underwear example - this looked like me realizing that I'll probably spend like $50 at most on underwear. Me realizing that the abundant version of myself would say YES to my desires and needs, because my new belief is that THERE IS ALWAYS MORE MONEY ON IT'S WAY TO ME, EVERY TIME I SPEND MONEY I RECEIVE IT BACK 10-FOLD, AND THAT SPENDING MONEY ON SOUL-ALIGNED DESIRES OPENS ME UP FOR MORE RECEIVING. 

I have LITERALLY experienced the magic of this SO MANY TIMES.

I once purchased a hotel stay at my DREAM hotel in Bali (the one I had fantasized about while broke, wishing one day I could stay there..) - and received a sale the next day for DOUBLE the amount I had spent.

I once purchased a $30 candle back when I was beginning my biz journey because I wanted to be the kind of person who could buy a $30 candle without it meaning anything, simply because I desired it.

And I'm sure like a thousand other times this happened.

But the point is...

You wanna freaking RECEIVE?

Stop acting like you'll never earn money again.

Stop acting like there's not enough to go around.

Stop acting like it makes you a bad person.

Receiving money is literally an EMOTIONLESS CHOICE. It's society that puts these crazy ass, fear-based rules of how 'money' should be treated.. that keeps 99% of the world at an average salary, working an average job, with average debt. Your emotion around money is self selected. If you're triggered by this blog post, that's an emotion you're choosing. Take time to look at why this is triggering for you; it's going to reveal a lot about why you are in the situation that you're currently in.

It's time to adopt the beliefs, and start acting DAILY, as the person you'd be who already had more than enough.

It's how you uh, get to have, more than enough.





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