Don't Be THIS KIND of Entrepreneur (If You Give a Shit About Your Purpose/Art/Passion)


🛑 STOP BEING A “COVER BAND” ENTREPRENEUR .. Losing your ART/PASSION/PURPOSE in your messaging is the kiss of death. ☠️


“The Zac Brown Band sounded like a cover band.. for it’s own band. I was even in the pit and it was just.. off. There was NO crowd interaction. The best song was their Metallica cover.”

^ Direct quote by a woman that my friend and I met at a bar after the concert last night.


She said.. exactly what I was thinking, but couldn’t quite put my finger on.


See I went and saw this same concert three years ago and it was one of the BEST I’d ever been to; the energy, the vibe, that songs.


But this time around it was like a weird music video on Spotify was playing.. and everyone was kind of just sitting around, unsure what to do.




I mean I get it - they’re on a contract, on tour.


But at the same time.. I could just FEEL in my gut, these songs weren’t what this band wanted to be playing. It felt forced.


Did they have a choice?


At what point did it become music over art?

I think.. perhaps.. at the point in which they were offered a record deal // concert tour deal - and it was what “the rest of the world” told them they SHOULD DO.. in order to make it.


So they did it.


But.. I could feel - and apparently, other people who attended the concert could feel - that they have paid the price for giving up their freedom around their art.




The entrepreneurs who invest in Mr. 7-Figure Influencer Coach’s 6-Step Formula to 7-Figures.. only to discover, that this predetermined path to “success” - is not at all what they expected.


They don’t have that personal connection and relationship in their corner, to guide them.


They’re given a template, specific way, to write out their art/content (in ZBB’s case, songs/performances).


They slowly lose sight of who they are.. and when their ability to express themselves - their TRUE selves.. - leaves them; because they’re so damn caught up in the formula and the hype and frenzy of being in Mr. 7-Figure’s Cool Club..


They freak the fuck out.

And try to hold on more.

Fit in longer.


With only a glimpse.. here and there.. of the art, performance, that they truly wanted to share (aka a random ass Metallica song in the middle of the concert that is dope as shit).. (aka a random-chance post that happens to get more traction than usual because you somehow let a glimpse of your true self slip out.)


But.. you wouldn’t want to not fit into the cool strategy success 7-figure club, now would you?



I can’t!

I can’t be alone!

I can’t go against the grain!


They’ll say…


But life without the freedom of expression and art;

for the driven, creative, soul-based entrepreneurs like me..


well it’s really no life at all. No matter how much you make.


I choose art AND wealth.

Because who said you couldn’t have both?








A 4-Week Program to reconnect you to passion, purpose and FLOW in your messaging and content … in a way that SELLS.


SO EXCITED FOR THIS PROGRAM; because my MESSAGING has been the one thing that not only skyrocketed my business to multiple 6-figures in income so quickly; but ALSO HAS ME CONNECTED, EXCITED, AND PASSIONATE AF about my business all year round.


I don’t get funks around content anymore.

I only get excited about my art.

Creating more of it.

And selling from that place, using simply just my words or showing up on camera.


AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE HOW TO DO THIS WITH YOU GUYS.. AND add my teachings around creating content/copy that SELLS!! Yay!




Who would be down for this?!

Christie Bailey