How to Get More (and Better) Clients by Raising Your Coaching Prices

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You’ve decided to start online fitness coaching, and making your living off of your passion for fitness. Finally, your dream come true!

You create your website, put together your programming, and then it comes time to decide the inevitable question….

“How much should I charge?”

So you decide to look to your fitspo inspirations for guidance. You check out their websites, see that they’re charging on average, around $150 a month.

And then the same old insecurity and fear hits you in the gut. 

“I can’t possibly charge more than xyz influencer. They have way more followers, they have an established brand, they have tons of clients. If I charge more than them, there’s no way people will buy my services.”

So you decide to go with anywhere from $100-150 a month, or maybe $400-600 for a 12 week package. It feels safe, and people are starting to get interested. Maybe you get your first few clients and you’re thinking, “Hell yeah, this is starting to take off!”


You cannot make a living off of $100/month packages.

You’ve also started to notice that the clients you DO have don’t seem to be committed, or care about the process. 

The thing is.. they’re not invested mentally, because you have not asked them to invest financially.

A financial investment is much more than an exchange of money. It is your client committing on an energetic level that they are willing to do whatever it takes to have a true, lasting transformation, and that they respect and honor you enough as their coach, that they are willing to do whatever you ask them to do.

Conversely, a financial investment is also an energetic commitment on the part of the coach. By getting paid the amount of money that EXCITES YOU, that you need, you show up more fully as the coach, excited and ready to play your part in the transformation of the client.

I know for a fact that when I charged $150 a month (usually less because I’d give all. the. discounts.) - I resented my clients. I resented the work. I was miserable. I was also broke. My clients also weren’t really that committed which annoyed me further.


Here’s the thing. As the coach and the person guiding the transformation within your client, it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to do everything in your power to allow them to show up fully, committed, and as their best selves, ready to change.

This means you need to stop giving discounts. What you’ll get is a discounted effort on their part, and therefore discounted results.

This means you need to stop doing shit for free.  Because your “clients” legit will not do any work and will completely fall off the grid. My friends/“clients” totally did this and I resented them for it, because they took what I did for granted which made me feel shitty, and I wasted time and energy that I could have been spending on paying clients.

This means you need to raise your prices, aka the investment your client makes in your services. This is DOING YOUR CLIENT A FAVOR. By not requiring a substantial investment, you are literally sabotaging their progress and doing them a disservice. They won’t do what it takes to create a lifelong transformation if they aren’t committed.

Think of it this way. If you buy a $10 ebook, and life shit comes up, chances are you aren’t going to make reading it and implementing the advice a priority. But if you buy a $2000 transformation program (in whatever industry that is, let’s just say it’s fitness coaching right now) - you sure as hell are gonna show up to do the work - you’re not about to let $2000 go to waste just because “life shit” came up.

Now, there will certainly be some people who read this who think “$2000 is a ridiculous price for coaching”. And I agree, for what your current standards are, I’m sure it is. You haven’t added the additional value necessary to make your service worth $2000, so that you can actually feel GOOD about charging that much, and that your service is worth that and you believe that it is capable of truly transforming someone’s body and life. And perhaps most importantly… so your client feels good about paying that amount.


Every time I increase my prices, my clients get off the call more and more excited. Like literally, they ask me “how can I pay you? Can we start now?”

Every time I increase my prices, I get freaking excited as shit to work with these new clients, because I only increase my prices when I truly believe that I have added an insane amount of value to my services, and obviously, as my value grows, my compensation grows.

This SHIFT is more than just a raising of your value and prices.

It’s a shifting of your mindset. It’s knowing and believing that your talents and skills are deserving of massive compensation. It’s understanding that by not requiring clients to invest, you are doing them a disservice. It’s understanding that by not offering your talents and skills as a service, you are doing the world a disservice, by not helping other people create the transformations they so desperately need.

But most of all, it’s getting over your fears. You are deserving. You are needed. You are able to act now, change lives now, make the income you want now.


To get the exact step by step process on how to actually raise your prices, click here to access to access the 1-Hour video training! 

We cover:

  • Why it's important to raise your prices.
  • How to tell your current clients you are raising your prices.
  • How to price your services and add additional value (so you feel good about raising prices!)
  • How to have a sales consultation on the phone to sell your service.
  • Entrepreneur mindset + success tips.
  • And SO much more..

See how other Fearless Fitpreneurs have used this training to raise their prices from $100/month to $1500 - AND gotten new clients:

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