The #1 Habit of a Successful Fitpreneur

The #1 Habit of a Successful Fitpreneur.jpg

Every day, you have choices. You choose to take little actions, and do little things, that are moving you away from your goals.

Like your choice to watch Netflix and empty your brain after work, instead of working on your dream business.

Like your choice to go out to the bar, instead of reading a book on personal development or investment/finance, that could drastically improve your success and quality of life.

Like your choice to spend money on frivolous things, instead of managing your money correctly, and investing in yourself and your dreams.

These choices add up over time, and though they may seem unimportant to you now, and though they may not seem like they have an impact today, there will come a point that you will wake up and find that your life has suddenly veered so far off course from where you had intended - and you are chest-deep in resentment, poor relationships, a career you don’t like, and a financial situation that is less than optimal.

Every day, people who are higher up on the success curve choose to take the little actions that move you towards your goals. Those little actions, that seem so inconsequential to others, the little actions that others might see as useless or mock you for taking.

Like staying in from the bars to work on your business.

Like canceling your Netflix subscription and taking a course on how to start an online business, using that time to create your dream business and life.

Like saving and investing your money to have a future that is financially free.

Like reading 10 pages of a book that improves you and fosters a success-mindset each night before bed.


And your choice of which little things you choose, will ultimately determine how successful you will become as a rising fitpreneur. This is a principle that I learned when I chose to improve my life by reading 10 pages of a good book every day as I was sitting in my yucky corporate job that I always tell you guys about. It’s a principle that changed my life - that instilled the success mindset I needed to go on and accomplish some of the greatest achievements I’ve had to date. My pro card. The Spokesmodel Search. Starting my business.

I chose to do the little, unsexy things that were easy to do, and easy not to do. And sadly, 95% of the world will not do the easy things that move them towards success. Simply because - they’re too easy not to do.

Success is for people who recognize that the little unsexy things, built up OVER TIME enable you to reach your goals, whatever they may be. This is accomplished though a process of planting, cultivation, and eventual harvest (success). Patience is everything - and so few have it. It’s why people give up. It’s why most fail to even start - because they’re so petrified that success will take too long and along the way they’ll fail and be judged. Successful people recognize that giving a shit about judgement already means you’ve failed.

So will you succeed?

Will you do the easy things, that are also easy not to do?

How badly do you actually want it? Because if you do - you’ll plant the seeds, and sit patiently as they cultivate.

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