Words of Advice from an Auschwitz Survivor

“Stop trying to find yourself. Everyone these days is trying to find themselves. Just look under the bed. You’re already here.”

Spoken by Nina, my 76 year old neighbor, who absolutely schooled me with some incredible life advice today that I want to share with you.

I ran into Nina today walking my dog, and she just smiled at me and started talking. Some part of me knew I was about to learn something from her, almost as if I was being guided through her.

I’ve been in serious reflective / journaling / inner work mode these last few days (I decided to take a week COMPLETELY off of work) - and I started to tell her about how I think my purpose here in LA was really so I could find myself, work on myself, etc etc..

And that’s when she dropped that bomb of a quote on me. ^^^

Like oh fuck, right?! I AM already here. WE are already here. We are living, we can breathe. I can feel the warm California sunshine on my bare shoulders. I can smell the trees, feel the breeze. That's gratitude.

And then she goes..

You know, I was born in a concentration camp. In Auschwitz. I wasn’t supposed to live, all the children were killed. But I was a miracle, I am a miracle, and so every day I wake up and I’m happy.”

It’s when we live in the regrets of the past, or in the worries of the future - that we can’t remember the joy of the present. That we are here. We are alive. And we have the opportunity to create magic every day. To live our passions. To make our impact. To live life according to how WE choose.

Then, if those nuggets of wisdom weren't enough, she drops this one on me:

“Christie, stop trying to meet yourself. Go meet a cute guy. You’re here. Go sit at the cafe on the corner, for five minutes. You might look up and meet the rest of your life. But not sitting in your apartment.”

FACTS, Nina. Facts. (And also, this is coming from a woman who met her husband hitchhiking in Israel at the age of 17.)

So I walked my ass to that cafe. Sat down. And started to reflect..

We each have magic to bring to this world. Our ability to coach, to mentor, to speak and write and share words and knowledge that quite literally have the power to change the course of people's LIVES.

If that's not magic, I don't know what is. HOWEVER, this magic can't come out in it's fullest power, if we're sitting behind our computers, our Kindles, our mentors' livestreams.. trying to force out this answer/solution/perfect equation for being successful.

Our magic comes out when we are living our LIVES. When we are doing things we love and enjoy doing, that we are PASSIONATE ABOUT and feel called to do. And it's in this state of joy and gratitude and presence, that FLOW comes to us.

For me flow and magic are one and the same.

It's when the emails that I know will turn someone's entire day around just flow from my fingertips.

It's when I get 3 different ideas at once for books I want to write.

It's when I meet a cute guy and have the most effortless conversation ever.

It's when I am in complete trust and faith with my life and my business and myself.

So the lesson from Nina (and really, I think this was God/Universe/Source speaking through her today) - and my call to you today.. is to remind you that your flow and your magic will not come if you are sitting alone in front of your computer.

The steps to take, to create the impact you are meant to have on this world will come when you realize that you already have everything you need within yourself. And that you are already complete.

So knowing that,

trusting the truth that you feel in my words,

what would your heart, your intuition, the version of you who knows you are complete,

>> what would it have you do next? <<

That’s your fucking business plan.

Now trust in that next step, and follow it, even if it looks like sitting at a cafe and talking to old ladies on the street. ;)



PS. I did meet a guy, and because he heard me sniffling, he brought me this little vial of juice. :) Well played, Nina (/God) .. well played. There are literally no coincidences in life.

Christie Bailey