EPISODE 2: Getting Over the Fear of Promoting Yourself and Dealing with Haters


In today’s episode we’re talking all about how to get over the fear of dealing with haters or “trolls” on social media, so that you can promote yourself, your business, and your services without fear. This episode was inspired by a recent experience I had posting about a client win, that ended up getting some pretty nasty comments .. and I share with you the lessons learned, and why continuing to promote yourself is so important. (Hint, if you don’t - no one else will.)

When you’re confident in what you do, your value, and your unique personality that you bring to the world - the RIGHT people will come your way. This episode will help motivate you to continue putting yourself out there, so that you can keep making an impact in the lives of others with the services you offer.

Marianne Williamson

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Christie Chiou