EPISODE 3: Attract Ideal Clients By Speaking Your Truth


When I was first starting my business, I literally had no idea wtf I was doing. And so I did what most other new biz owners do: I looked at what other people were doing, saying, and charging.. and did the same. It SO did not work. Those first few months were such a struggle because I wasn’t being AUTHENTIC.. Which as I later came to find, was the ONE thing I needed to do to attract my ideal, soulmate clients. The kind of clients who would be my best friends in real life anyways.. Who would appreciate and respect me, and pay me what I was worth.

In today’s episode, I share my own experience and evolution to find and share my authentic self online AND create a business that literally fulfills me on a daily basis. Ultimately.. Who you are is who you attract. So make sure that YOU are a reflection of the kind of client you would want to have.

Cara Alwill Leyba

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Christie Chiou