EPISODE 4: How to Guarantee Yourself Results in Any Goal or Investment


That dreaded question every coach hates to hear on a potential client call: “How can you guarantee me results?”

This episode is a quickie designed to help coaches deal with this objection/question, by instead asking the question: “How can YOU guarantee YOURSELF results?”

Teaching the client to take full responsibility for their results is actually doing them a favor - because if they aren’t accountable, the transformation they are paying you for won’t occur, and they won’t implement the guidance you give them.

This episode is inspired by my own experiences with clients, as well as my OWN investments, both mental and financial, in my long term goals and how taking all of the responsibility for my results has gotten me farther than my wildest dreams.

Get ready for some real talk on today’s episode, and get fired up to push through your week and get s**t done.

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Christie Chiou