Episode 5: Advice on Leaving Your 9-5 When You Hate Being A Quitter


If you’re a driven person, you need to excel at everything you do.

And if you’re a driven person, you’re likely NOT cool with living a normal, unchallenging, mediocre cubicle life forever.

SO, if you were like me, and wanted to quit your 9-5, but struggled HARD with idea of “quitting” and not being able to “prove yourself” … then you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Here’s the thing. You will face fear and doubts before you take the leap, but just because you could be good at something does NOT mean you should do it.

You are meant to have a passion filled life, not be stuck in a sh*tty cubicle. You are MEANT to be challenged, to grow, to have NO income ceiling or bosses telling you what you can and can’t do.

So if you are a driven person who feels trapped in your 9-5 and not wanting to leave out of obligation and a need to “prove yourself” .. you’ll want to listen to this episode. Pretty sure it’ll inspire you to throw your papers into the air and walk out of your office listening to Beyonce.

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Christie Chiou