Episode 7: How to Make Ideal, Soulmate Clients Come To YOU - with Workout Unicorn (Ortal Leviyatan)


In today’s episode, I’m talking with my ideal client Ortal Leviyatan. Ortal found me from a random post on Instagram which caught her eye and led us to work together.

By sharing in my posts the words I wrote in my journal when describing my ideal client, I engage my ideal, soulmate clients. The kind of clients who would be my best friends in real life anyways.. Who appreciate and respect me, and pay me what I am worth.

If you are consistent about posting things of value, there is a better chance that someone will see it and say That’s My Girl. She’s My Person; which brings me back to Ortal. Listen in to hear about how she found me, decided to work with me and what that relationship looks like.

Ortal Leviyatan on Instagram

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