The #1 Rule to PHENOMENAL Content (that sells)


Let’s say you started an online coaching business. And you’re SO sure it’s all gonna work out cause xyz person told you it’s the most profitable online business and you’re good at it and you’ve got it all figured out.. “Technically.”

BUT WHAT IF a profitable business.. Like we’re hellaaaa money coming in.. was about passion?

What if success in your online business.. That extra time, energy, and those GOOD VIBES and straight up PASSION you’re giving to your audience.. Is what made the difference between sales and no sales?

Passion.. Sounds cheesy?

How about the best business strategy you could ever take on.

Because if you don’t LOVE what you teach and what you do for others.. You’re sure as f*ck not going to be able to write about it in content in a way that will stand out and generate new leads.

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear how I infuse PASSION into my posts, and my business as a whole - to grow a diehard tribe that buys offers every single time I sell.

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Christie Chiou