The PROVEN 12-week program to FINALLY get your coaching biz up and running..


EVEN IF.. you don't have testimonials, a big following, or pretty branding.


Because that business dream / idea in your head is NOT going to build itself.

And you're ready to go big.



Together, we're going to...

> Lead you step by step through the business building process (and hold you accountable) <

> Teach you the sales/marketing skills + confidence to SELL OUT YOUR HIGH TICKET PROGRAMS <

> Get you the hell over the fears that have been preventing you from starting.. and taking action <

> Be a part of a SUPER engaged, supportive community of driven women to inspire and motivate you <


Lemme know if anything sounds familiar:

  • You spend HOURS researching and pouring over all of the freebies you've downloaded (including my own), watching everyone's FB Lives, and ending up with a fuck ton of overwhelm and a whole lot of no action taken.


  • You've been DAYDREAMING for months now about throwing your papers into the air, saying "I QUIT THIS SHIT" and walking out on your 9-5 forever.


  • Shortly following your daydream, you frantically find yourself panicking about your life purpose and whether or not your business idea is even the one you should pursue. (You currently have 6,321 fears running through your mind about why you shouldn't take the leap and how you would have no 401k and health insurance. Thanks for the reminder, DAD.)


  • You're driven as fuck so you're determined to build this side hustle on your own. Yet it still hasn't actually happened and you're starting to realize that maybe there's something to this whole, "let me invest in a business coach so I can not spend 5 years wasting away on Google" thing.


  • You're scared to become a coach because everyone is telling you it's not a real job, and that coaches shouldn't charge money, and that you'll never make a living. (I can testify that all of the above is false.. I earn my old corporate salary in one month now.)


Know that your fear is normal. Know that doubt is normal.

but know, that not starting...

And not taking action...

Is fatal to business dreams. 

Is fatal to that vision of being your own boss. Being financially free. Being able to travel the world and work from your laptop.

That vision can't be real unless you decide to go for it.




I’m just a girl who read Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Workweek five years ago, who got utterly obsessed with the idea of traveling the world working from a laptop, being her own boss and making a shit ton of money, and doing the work that inspired and fulfilled her by helping others. 

But, like so many people, I got pressured into doing the 9-5 corporate thing. I tried to stick it out and be successful for so long.. knowing in my heart that I was meant for more. More income, more freedom, more LIFE.

Nothing changed for me.. until a close family member almost passed away.. and then a year later I ended up in the hospital with a nearly fatal brain virus. I knew I couldn't waste another second of my life not pursuing my dream.

I promised myself that if I ever figured out how to run a successful online biz and live the life I was dreaming of as I sat in my cubicle.. that I'd make it my commitment to teach others how.  


This bootcamp is that promise.

And together, we're going to build your fucking EMPIRE, so that you can live a life worth living.. and not a life chained to a desk.


This bootcamp is MORE than just how to build a biz + get over your fears...

And it's MORE than just getting your first high ticket clients and replacing your corporate salary.

Although duh, that's a fucking given.



They are rapidly + effectively creating an entirely NEW LIFE.


dee (1).png

Meet Dee


Dee came to me burnt out from her high-pressure corporate job, and terrified of leaving and disappointing her family. She had coached people for free.. but needed the push (I mean shove ;) ) to go ALL IN.

Within 7 weeks she'd closed her first high ticket client, continue to raise her prices..


She didn't need to get a ton of testimonials, extra certifications, or sell low priced offers to "prove herself"... she did the inner work on her self worth - and with the content in this bootcamp became a fucking MASTER at sales, leading her online community, and creating content that literally prebooked her coaching slots THREE months in advance.

And you guessed it.. she also quit her 110k/year corporate job in the tech industry and replaced her monthly income.



so how do i know if this is for me?

  This is for you if...

  • You feel stuck when it comes to knowing what steps to take to get your first *high paying* clients and feel like you're missing some foundations in your biz. This program will lead you step by step through the biz building process - you will set up your services/programs, your social media platforms (and learn how to write powerful content that grows your audience) and most importantly, to SELL so that you can start earning enough income to leave your 9-5 job.
  • You need someone to help keep you accountable, provide feedback and support - but you're not quite ready to drop the equivalent of a downpayment on a car for private coaching. No prob. Each week you'll get one module released to you, which will cover a fundamental step in the biz building process and/or a skill - such as sales - that you MUST learn in order to get your business profitable and with clients at the end of the 8-weeks. Each module has specific action items/homework that must be completed - and you will get my PERSONAL feedback, coaching, and support in the bootcamp Facebook group.
  • You want support from people who get it and are doing what you're doing. A HUGE part of the value of this program is the community.. you won't have anyone doubting you here. In fact, you'll be in a community of dozens of entrepreneurs who have quit their 9-5s and started to build their coaching businesses.. so you'll be learning from their successes too! You might just find your biz bestie in here ;)
  • Part of your problem is insane overwhelm from ALL THE INFO you've been absorbing.. and you have no idea how to implement it and in what order. The freebie addition is real, ya'll. You need to ACTUALLY DO SHIT - and do the shit that matters - aka the shit that will build our audience, get you clients and sell your services. This bootcamp is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to lead you step in the biz building process, in the order you need to do it in - and it's the exact process I used and my clients have used to get their biz profitable, fast.
  • You're willing to put in the work, commit to taking ALL of the action steps I ask of you to build your biz and sales/marketing skills from the ground up, and contribute to our already HIGH VIBE, HIGH VALUE community.
  • YOU'RE DRIVEN. AS. FUCK. And you know IN YOUR SOUL that you are meant for success. You are meant to have a multi 6-figure business. And you will do whatever the fuck it takes.. you are ready, your heart is ready, you know it's your time now.

This is not for you if...

  • You're looking for a step by step magical system that's going to give you a golden ticket to online business glory next month. In this mastermind we are BIG on only using the strategies, techniques, and biz building decisions that FEEL GOOD to us intuitively. Because if you force yourself to use a strategy that doesn't feel good to you - IT ISN'T GOING TO WORK. Aka that sleazy sales call script that that biz guru gave you as a freebie.
  • If you're unwilling to do the work. Because while you will get your first high ticket clients just as so many of the participants already have, it didn't come without effort, late nights, and a whole lot of passion to fuel them. I don't sugar coat anything. Buy yourself a coffee machine if you're coming along for this entrepreneurial ride.
  • You're not mentally, emotionally, or financially invested in your business dream. Period.

Glad that's settled. If it's not for you, you can stop reading this page now.




IMG_8848 2.PNG
IMG_8827 2.PNG


Once you register...

  • You'll get the first of ELEVEN pre-recorded intensive trainings, each 1-1.5 hours in length. These will be drip-released week by week for 8 weeks so you can work through them step by step. 
  • Weekly Facebook Q&As - so we can make sure you're absorbing all of the right knowledge you need.

  • Weekly action items/steps you'll need to take in order to build your biz. With each module, you'll be taking specific steps to build the foundations of your biz + marketing plan + sales skills.YOU WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE to me in the group and be posting your homework for my feedback.

  • Accompanying worksheets for each module, my personal teaching notes, and a bank of resources + guides to aid your learning, emailed weekly.

  • Access to the bootcamp private Facebook group where you'll be getting my DAILY feedback/support/coaching as you build your biz.



Here's what you'll be trained on:

Module 1: “How The F*ck do I Start?” - BIZ FOUNDATIONS 101  

  • Create a solid vision for building your biz and increasing income

  • Get the hell over the fears that are keeping you small + making no monies

  • Understand your purpose + core message (so you can tell people wtf you actually do and feel good about it)  


Module 2: “How do I find my niche + ideal clients?” - IDEAL CLIENTS 101  

  • How to identify and reach your ideal, soulmate clients (the ones who actually pay you money and do the work and are fun to talk to.)

  • How to make them feel like you’re reading their minds + validate your biz ideas (survey your peeps)  


Module 3: “How do I put my services together?” - SERVICES THAT ACTUALLY SELL 101  

  • How to create your services (without overcomplicating it and confusing yourself + your clients).

  • How to price your services so you can ACTUALLY make an awesome income.
  • How to deliver your services (implementing systems for your biz).  


Module 4: “How do I create content people actually give a shit about? (And that sells.)” - CONTENT 101  

  • How to create social media content that turns heads, steps into your truth, and makes people say “holy shit, this is Gold!” 

  • Simple rules for getting your audience to know like and trust you.
  • How to build a community of people ready to buy when you ask.  


Module 5: “How do I sell my services without feeling like an a**hole?” - SELLING 101  

  • The #1 Mindset Shift you need to make in order to sell like a pro (AND feel like a good person instead of a salesy asshole.)

  • How to stop being afraid of sales/money and sell in a way that feels good to you (pushy, male-centric selling is sooooooooooo overrated.)
  • The SUPER fucking simple social media sales system I use to get all my clients, without even having a website.
  • **THIS MODULE IS THREE TRAININGS; since sales are the most important part of a biz and I want you to MASTER it ;) 


Module 6: “What do I even do with my website?” - WEBSITES THAT SELL 101  

  • How to write copy (business lingo for writing that sells) that magnetizes clients + makes them feel like you’re reading their mind / they need you.

  • Essential pages to have on the site.

  • Pros and cons on DIYing vs. hiring.  


Module 7: “How do I stop being so f*cking overwhelmed/anxious - and actually be productive?” - ORGANIZE YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL LIFE 101  

  • Organizing your workday / schedule so that you still have a life and still make money.

  • Know which tasks to prioritize, and which to ignore/let go.
  • The number one habit to implement for business success.  


Module 8: “How do I get to the next level in my business?” - SCALING + OTHER INCOME SOURCES 101  

  • How to continue getting residual income from the clients you currently have.

  • Other potential passive income sources to implement in your business.
  • The golden rule for creating more time, and more income and more freedom in your business (so that you can actually live life and have money to enjoy it.)  



by the end of the fearless business bootcamp

you will have...

  • A clear vision + plan for growing your business, and be able to tell people what you do without stuttering or feeling like a fraud.
  • A defined niche, ideal client, and my personal feedback on EXACTLY what messaging to use to attract them to you.
  • Put together your packages and services in  a way that you KNOW will sell (because you've done my simple market research methods.)
  • Know exactly how to price your services, and how to SELL YOUR HIGH TICKET PROGRAMS WITH CONFIDENCE in a way that feels amazing and not sleazy. (WE DO NOT do beta testers/test clients.. unnecessary.)
  • Sales conversation guidelines, scripts, and training on how to handle pretty much any objection in the book. Along with a total mindset shift on making selling feel GOOD + easy.. not bad and sleazy like you've been thinking it'd be.
  • A content strategy lined out and knowledge of exactly what kind of posts to write to sell and promote your services.
  • A diehard TRIBE of fans all ready to buy when you implement my techniques for increasing authority and making your prospective clients SO fucking excited that they're literally drooling to work with you.
  • Put together your system for continuously bringing new high end clients in the door and making them feel lucky to work with YOU...


Essentially - not only are you going to learn exactly what you need to do to call in high ticket clients NOW... (and finally pay your bills, wouldn't that be nice?)







SO... are you ready to FINALLY build your biz?


And start living that life of freedom you've fantasized about from your cubicle for years...

We all die someday. And I know this more than anyone else given all that I've gone through in my life.

I believe everyone should get to say YES to living the fullest, most fucking fabulous, abundant and EXCITING life possible.

Will life be a hell yes for you?

Is this business dream a reality, a hell yes for you?

Good. ;)





Let's sign you up for VIP.. and you can become one of my best friend soulmate clients ;)



>> 3, 20 minute INTENSIVE 1:1 sessions to map out your biz, work through fears holding you back from more $$/clients,
or whatever else I feel you intuitively need to move your biz forward and get rapid results. <<
>> 4 weeks of Voxer voice coaching access to ME to provide support for you as you go through the modules as well as on all the action items
I've given you to boost your sales/income in our intensive calls. <<
>> $200 to use towards ANY of my other programs, courses, or 1:1 coaching with me should you decide to continue. <<




Will these sessions + voice messaging coaching be enough to make me successful?

Any of my clients will tell you that in 30 minutes we can move your biz lightyears forward 1:1 sessions  focus on shifting the blocks around receiving money, clients, and making big moves in your life. The way I coach is through intensive questioning that will help you move past these fears (holding you back from promoting/selling/showing up fully aka INCOME)

.... and you would be surprised how much can happen just as a result of that. ;) ALLLL the strategy you need is in the modules. 






Check out Jen and Dee's success stories!



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a start date? 

  • The day you pay and sign up is your start date! From that point on, you will get one module per week emailed to you to focus on for the week. We've found that students absorb and apply the information best in this format.

What kind of 1:1 support is provided for regular enrollment?

  • My 1:1 support, feedback on your biz, content, sales pages, and anything else all goes down in the Facebook group which I check daily during business hours. Support is provided for a full 3 months after your enrollment date, meaning you'll get my coaching even after you've completed all 8 biz building modules and are taking action in your biz/getting clients.

What if I have no idea what business I want to start?

  • It's best to have at least SOME direction of a business to start (fitness, yoga, life coaching, web design .. SOMETHING you enjoy/a general industry) as well as a bit of experience working with people - even if it's just for free. What we need to avoid is you sitting around thinking about your biz ideas for WEEKS instead of implementing the action you need to take in this program. If you truly don't have experience yet, you CAN take the program but know you will have to make a decision on your biz direction before you can benefit from the rest of the modules.

What results can you guarantee me?

  • The results I can guarantee you are dependent on the work you put in yourself. If you half ass the work (both the strategy AND the mindset work), you’ll get half ass results. There are no guarantees in life, or business, and if you are going to take this course you better understand that developing a brand online and establishing a community that trusts you takes fucking time. However, many of my clients have gotten THEIR first high ticket clients in a matter of 1-2 weeks once they had all of their systems in place + social media set up. They’re rockstars.  

Do I need to have a coaching certification to do this course? 

  • The most important factor here is if you have a good enough baseline of experience, skills, and personal communication skills to help lead your ideal client on the transformation you want to take them on. The online coaching/online services industry is largely unregulated, meaning that most of the time, certifications are not required. It is always a good idea to check if your specific industry DOES legally require a certification to provide services online.

How much time do I need to work through the program?

  • Honestly, probably 3-4 hours a week minimum - although most people who are building a biz will tell you that they would spend alll their time growing it if they could. Ultimately, you make time for what you care about. I've had clients work high pressure tech jobs, be in prep for a bodybuilding competition and STILL get epic results.


Meet Jess.

Former real-estate boss babe and self-made millionaire - she came to me wanting to completely leave her million dollar business and start fresh. Here's what she has to say about working with me: "I've learned so much from you I can't even list it all out. But mainly, I'd say learning to follow my intuition and not forcing something that doesn’t feel right, taking action when you feel passionate about something right away, and giving me a strategy for acting despite fear. Seriously, I don't tell you enough how much you've changed my life - but you have. I never would have had the courage to walk away from my million dollar business and start all over if it wasn't for you."

Meet Marciano.

This Lady has seriously been a game and life changer for my business! Best investment I could of made! She truly cares and strives for your success! She had my back and has given me the proper strategies, tips, requirements and the biggest one of them all, the mindset to be successful! In only my second week I had booked my first High Ticket Client that was 3x my current rates! If your serious about getting your business going, but don't know where to turn and need that extra push and guidance! She's your lady! Thank you again Christie truly blessed to have been a client and now friend! You are doing great things and excited to see what you continue to do for others who were in my position!


Meet Becca.

Christie has done wonders for helping me get clear on what it is I want to do, get out of my own head, and get the process started. She's amazing at taking an overwhelming process and simplifying it into actionable, manageable steps, reminding her clients to stay patient in the process. In just a few months, I've gone from just knowing I wanted to have an online business, but confused about my focus to drafting clear business visions and potential programs to sell, to quitting my 9-5 job, and getting my first high ticket clients. I'm learning to love the process and it feels so. freakin'. good. Can't wait to continue our work together!

Meet Jaycee.

Christie really helped me see that it was just fear that was in the way of me pursuing my dreams. I haven’t regretted the Mastermind once. She give us tools and really shows us how we can be successful. The biggest step is signing up for the mastermind because you are committing to yourself. If you are unhappy with your 9-5 job, and need the guided help to start a business then you will grow so much for being a part of this mastermind. It’s only been a couple weeks and I’m already so much more confident in my decision and more comfortable with being uncomfortable. She really leads you in the right direction of having a successful online business and I’ve already signed two high ticket clients within the first 8 weeks.


will you be joining them?

I'll leave you with one last piece of advice (the same advice a mentor gave me when I decided to quit

my job and go for my dream of having an online business.)

You are a viking. You sail you ships to the shore, burn the ships, and attack.

Leaving no other option than to be successful.





and for the vips in the house...

Who know they need my personal asskicking and intuitive guidance to jump start their biz.

What are you waiting for?

You know it's what you need.